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I follow Zorin new’s since Zorin 11 but I fond many bugs and crash so I have to uninstall and now I want to know latest version .Is it support

  1. support wayland
  2. build-in Fraction 1.25x 1.50x and 1.75x on wayland and X11
    2.auto-log in without lock screen setting
    3.Bug not fond root username when install hp printer driver
    4.opimus which any amd and intel GPU.
    5.friendly which gaming user
    6.support mutimedia encode
    7.don’t see different time when install Dual boot
    I wish re-install Zorin soon, and my dream is internet cafe which Zorin comupters
    May I recommend Zorin team create perfact hardware database such as printer scaner Photocopier.

Thank you for reading

Hi @Bank-654, welcome to the forum! Thanks for the kind feedback!

Zorin OS has had a huge amount of updates and improvements since version 11. To answer your questions:


Yes, the option to use Wayland is included in Zorin OS 15 by default in the non-Lite editions. In order to use it, please follow these steps:

  1. At the login screen, please select your username.
  2. Click on the gear icon beside the sign in button to open the desktop environment menu.
  3. Select the “Zorin Desktop on Wayland” option.

Fractional scaling

You can enable fractional scaling while using Wayland in Zorin OS 15 by following this guide:


You can enable auto-login for a user account on the computer by following these steps:

  1. Open the Zorin menu > Settings > Details > Users
  2. Click the “Unlock” button on the right side of the top toolbar
  3. Select the user account you wish set up auto-login on
  4. Switch on the “Automatic Login” option

HP printer driver

Zorin OS 15 should come pre-installed with a newer HP printer driver than was available for Zorin OS 15, so you shouldn’t need to manually install it.


If you have an NVIDIA graphics card in your computer, make sure to install the official NVIDIA drivers by following this guide: https://zorinos.com/help/activate-graphics-card/
Afterwards, you should be able to use the NVIDIA Settings app to switch between the discrete graphics card and your CPU’s integrated graphics card.

Please note that the official NVIDIA graphics drivers currently don’t support Wayland.


A lot of progress has been made over recent years to make gaming on Linux a much better experience.

  • You can now easily install Steam on Zorin OS, which now supports running many Windows games using the Steam Play option.
  • For non-Steam Windows games, we would recommend you to use an app called Lutris, which makes it easy to set up most games with a guided installer.

You can learn more about how to play games in Zorin OS by reading this guide:

Multimedia codecs

Make sure to select the “Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware and additional media formats” option while installing Zorin OS 15 to make sure all of the common proprietary media codecs are installed on your computer.

Dual boot menu

If you install Zorin OS alongside a different operating system, you should automatically see a menu after turning on your computer to select which operating system to boot. If you don’t see this menu, you should be able to fix this issue by following the instructions in this guide:


Question re new forum.
How do you go about quoting a post from another thread in a reply?
e.g. Seen advice in another thread that is valid to thread being viewed so wish to point to that answer.

I have just done this but cut-and-paste from one to another, but must be a better way. :thinking:

You should be able to quote text from someone’s post in a new reply by highlighting the text you wish to quote and clicking the “Quote” button that appears above it, like so:

Ah just like that. Simple when you know how.
Thanks @AZorin, I don’t know how you are finding the time to answer questions on here, with all the other Zorin dev stuff you must be up to your armpits with. I cannot complain though, forum seems more active than the old one.

Edit: I dont believe it. That just earned me another Badge :smile:

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