I need advice for my full backup procedure


I would like to completely install my current version of my computer Desktop (Zorin 16) to my laptop. That is, I would like it to be exactly the same with all the files I have customize like .bashrc and all the settings like apparence.

So far, I am using Backups (the pre-installed with zorin) to save my personal files and Timeshift to save my file system. I have read other alternatives like Rescuezilla

My questions:

  1. Is it enough to use Backups and Timeshifts?
  2. Is it better to use Rescuezilla?
  3. Is there a better alternative?

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  1. boot the source machine with a live CD
  2. plug in a storage device large enough to hold a snapshot of the machine.
  3. backup everything to the external hard drive using tar command.
    for example: tar cvpzf /media/BackupDrive/SystemBackup.tar.gz ./


  1. boot the destination machine from a live CD
  2. use the partitioning tool (gparted) to create the ext4 and swap partition
  3. untar the backup onto the recently created partition.
    for example: tar xvpzf /media/BackupDrive/SystemBackup.tar.gz .

Fix Grub and boot sector

I usually use the boot-repair-disk for this boot-repair-disk download | SourceForge.net

  • if the machines are going to live in the same network you might want to change it's name (edit /etc/hostname )
  • you may also want to update /etc/fstab with the proper hard drive ID's for this run the command blkid and get the UUID string for each partition and then use your favorite text editor to replace it in your respective fstab file line


On your old System you can:

  1. boot into a live CD (for ex LinuxMint),
  2. plug in an external hard drive, and
  3. run a Timeshift backup in rsync mode pointing it to the external hard drive
    (you may have to format the external hard drive to ext4).

Then on the new computer

  1. boot with the live CD,

  2. plug in an external hard drive, and

  3. use Timeshift to restore the backup from the external hard drive to the new computer.


Acronis what i remember copy full hardisk operating system.

Seconda link is with guide.

Rescuzilla is a GUI for Clonezilla that works well. You basically run Rescuzilla from a thumbdrive on your existing machine, make a disk image on an external drive, then use the thumb drive on the new machine to install your disk image.

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Here is guide backup.

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