I need help with these issues

i did not understand what you meant

You can start a new thread on each other issue you need addressed.
A new thread for what is going wrong with Blender that you need solved, for example.

no i do not face issues i just said that my computer is more than a portable mp3 player to me i actually enjoy using blender kdenlive zoom and google meet(using brave) on linux


Oh Ok. I misunderstood.

I was referring just to the habit of wanting to keep music playing with the notebook closed.

i just wanted that because while reading or just i dont know exercising and stuff if i could keep the lid shut it would use less battery right.

Probably not, actually... If the lid is closed, but the notebook still running, it pretty much does not use any less energy.

oh ok. I thought that the screen being off would mean that significantly less battery usage would be there

If the lid switch is ignored, the screen would be on, just not open to see it. IF the screen was disabled, it still would not save a lot of energy, though. The screen is a small load on the battery compared to the CPU.

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oh i see. When i closed the lid with the lid switch ignored the screen was turned off for some reason but it was not locking my laptop. IDK maybe some issue with my laptop or something

Even at this i would recommend a tablet or simless phone... which is more useful than you realize. With wifi you can do anything that you would be able to do with a sim card. Apps, music, movies. All can be downloaded for offline enjoyment... so, still no reason not to get a phone, music player or another device that works in that capacity. You're computer wouldn't last long if constantly running in a bag.

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It's a real shame that education institutions use poor products such as Zoom (they lied that it was encrypted at launch when it wasn't) Google hangouts (no privacy with any Google product) and MS Teams which is just an even worse makeover of Skype for business just rebranded and made even worse). People should be promoting https://meet.jit.si
All you need is a browser with Chrome extensions and you can enable encryption in security settings. Downside to encryption is you can't record meetings/lessons and only Dropbox is available for same. Likewise live streaming means encryption has to be off. Oh and it doesn't cost anything for individuals to use. There's more to life than being a data stream!


I go on here in case to learn new things even if I have no problem atm Thank you for teaching me this.


i had never thought about that. My father's old oneplus 6t just sits in a cupboard collecting dust maybe i can use it.

Yep, and if you want to dabble, I would kick OnePlus 6T into a corner and install eOS - that's Android without Google. Google harvests data from your mobile over 50 times a day, logging what you are doing and where (even if location is switched off they get data from triangulation of the relay aerials). There is a Jitsi app for android. My 1+ 3T was getting tired so I bought a Fairphone 3+ from the e foundation to be rid of Google:

I also got 1 Gb of cloud storage and an @e.email address.
Also the founder of 1+ is now a co-director of a company that wants you to eat insect burgers instead of meat - meat is bad but insect burgers is probably worse!

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A better alternative for music:

As it says in the article, saves draining your smartphone battery.

thank you, the sony one does look nice

@Aravisian the issue with the mouse is back again. IDK why but it happens more often now

There were two different issues in your O.P.
Which has returned?
If it is the Touchpad issue, have you double checked your touchpad settings?

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the one in which it stops working with the keyboard till a restart. Specifically the clicks dont work it just drags the whole window while i try clicking. The keyboards main letter and number keys dont work but control alt start and all the function keys work so i dont think its a hardware issue i think its a software issue

What effect does installing the following have?:

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-all