I uninstalled gnome by mistake!

And how can re install it😞

Did you try using the search function on the site? Aravisian has posted this dozens of times... there's also a tutorial on how to install all the common DE's and a tutorial on terminal commands.

Please search before posting a commonly asked question.

Btw... don't reboot until you reinstall otherwise you'll have more headaches.


Can you please send me link

See the magnifying glass at the top right by your avatar? Search button... try it. It does work.


Moved from the tutorials section. Please be aware of where you post new threads. As a member, it makes it easier for everyone helping you or looking up similar issues if you post in the relevant category. You were not posting a tutorial. This has been moved to general help.

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Bro I still can't find my answer, I am new to Linux please help me

Bro...i gave you were to find it. Are you that lazy that you can't take some time and interest in fixing your problem?

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No bro but I am in hurry to do some assignment so..

This does not concern me... it's your problem. If you can't take the time to resolve your issue why should anyone here?


Ok I will do it by my self

That's what i have been saying. The search function will take you where you need to go, as will the hamburger menu.

I tried this command
"sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop gnome gnome-shell gdm3"
but dose not work

I tried this command
"sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop gnome gnome-shell gdm3"
but dose not work

Well look...A little bit of searching helps, doesn't it?
But it did not solve your problem? Hmmm.... Did you reboot after reinstalling? Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing now?

For temporarily I installed xfce

But I want my gnome back

I tried lot but no command worked

Did you just install xfce or did you install xfce and you also removed zorin desktop (gnome)? If you used sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop gnome gnome-shell gdm3 then you should get an option to change the session to Zorin Desktop in the login screen.

Firstly I removed gnome (inbuilt default DE)
And then I tried lot to install gnome again via tty but it's not installed
So for temporary I installed xfce

What about this? Did you try logging out and changing session?

But there is no gnome so how can I change

You want to say first try this command and then change desktop