I want to help with the translation of Zorin OS

Hello all,

I wanted to ask if you can participate in the translation into other languages. I speak German fluently and would love to help. I already have experience translating and have helped translate some apps and mods into German. Is there a place to go for translations of Zorin OS?

Thank you very much!


You may opt to contact @AZorin or @zorink directly to offer some help.

I have noticed some recent threads in German that might need some attention...

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I feel lonely :cry:
It seems I am the only native Japanese speaker here.

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Any Hungarians? :hungary: :slight_smile:
If there are any threads that Hungarian natives started, let me know, here to help. Though, I usually check everything, that pops up as new. :sweat_smile:

I got an idea :bulb:
We could have a list of volunteers who could offer a help in a certain language aside from English.


I must admit to resorting to online translator on a couple of occasions. Better than nothing.
I don't think the Forum is big enough to support individual language sections, as that would most likely dilute the expertese available to non-english users.

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That is very true.
I think I can give a decent support for VMs, Bluetooth, Japanese input system, and Bluetooth. But when it comes to gaming, I am completely useless.

Linux and Zorin is the best "game" I have played for a long time :rofl:

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I will look into them and look if I can help.

Sorry about that only english and german and a bit french here. Once I really thought about learning japanese but it is very diffcult and there are so many difficulties how you tell people something in cultural matter. But I really like animes and mangas.

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When it comes to gaming and Zorin, I can help.

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My husband has a close friend from Basque.
We discussed more than one time which one is more difficult to learn, Basque or Japanese? The result is still inconclusive.

I will give you this story.
The devil was condemned by God. He was forced to learn Basque for many years. When he filially pardoned by God after learning Basque, the devil forgot everything after he cross the bridge between Basque and the rest of the world.

Joke aside, I think the most difficult part of Japanese language is its complex writing system.

I can help with dutch translation, i already offered it in the past but i did not get any response.


In short, if you don't use it, you loose it.
In my case, that applies to several languages.

@marko94 estimated that we need to create a thread with longer than 50 postings to get a resonance from Zorins.
I am planning to initiate something on that line :wink:


Well, there are many cool things out there to do team translations which are even free it the software is open source like transifex or you host an app with weblate for example.

It would be cool when you could mark an topic if it is in an other language too. With an flag or an tag for example. Then other users with that language would find them easier.
I would not have thought that I would trigger such a discussion with the topic.

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On the Old ZorinGroup Forum, I recall that the forum was available in Other languages.
There was a Dutch ZorinGroup Forum and a Spanish one and so on.

I am uncertain of the details, but I gather that by the time of the switch to this new forum, activity was so low on the other language forums, they never transferred over.
On rare occasions, one of the members of the other language forums will finally arrive here and say, "oh well... this is new...."


Actually we still have one moderator for French forum who seems to be completely inactive since 14 Aug '20.

are you still with us?

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Maybe i can take over his place as moderator for europe @FrenchPress :wink:

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Do you speak Catalan and Basque?

Joke aside, this is a part of what I am planning to address in a few days to Zorins.
We seems to have defunct moderators, which should be replaced by some people who are eager to help the forum.

No, but i own C-3PO. He will translate everything for me.