I would like to use Zorin 17, with Nvidia GTX 550 Ti, is it possible or not?

Hello, I would like to use Zorin 17, with Nvidia GTX 550 Ti, with proprietary driver. I used a Samsung TV in VGA and HDMI, I only use OBS at 1920 x 1080 pixels, on Zorin 16.3 it worked, on Zorin 17 beta, it worked, why not? 17 ending doesn't work?
Why does any version of OBS only have the pipewire option in the screenshot and the screen goes black? thanks!

I've noticed that quite a few apps require pipewire if using Wayland which is the default compositor for Zorin by default - you can change this by selecting user name at login where a cog appears and change it to "Zorin Desktop on xorg".

Or better yet, disable Wayland altogether following my tutorial here:


Wayland still is not full funcionally and still bugged.
Best choice is Xorg. If something working why you want changed that?

Thank you, even though it partially solved it. Activating xorg helped me with all the features of the obs and system. However, the 390 driver that comes by default, in zorin, installs but I lose all the hdmi definition, it only works with the nouveau driver. Maybe it's a another driver that I have to add here, I read about the old 340, but that's for another step. It helped a lot.

Does this help: Display mode locked at 640x480 and can't change it - #4 by Michel

There it was suggested using 390 driver for GTX 550 Ti.

These commands install Nvidia's proprietary 390 driver

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelebek333/nvidia-legacy`

sudo apt update

sudo apt install nvidia-340-updates nvidia-340-updates-dev xorg-modulepath-fix

However, on my computer with a Geforce 8400 gs card, it was worse than the Noveau controller. Both for games and screen recording.