Icon Theme Suggestion for grey Folders

Hello Zorin Community and Developers! I send You Greetings from Germany and wish You all a Merry Christmas.

I don't want to steal too much Time from you. I simply want to ask if somebody has a Suggestion for a Grey Folder Icon Theme. I know, Design Things are tricky because of personal Preferences but I tought I try it. Grey Folders are a must-have. The Rest of the Icons can have other Colors. If sombody can name an Icon Theme with a full grey color palette it will go too. Why grey? My Color-Sheme ist grey with white and black.

I hope you can understand my English because my Speaking-Skills are not the best, haha!

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Look at Storm's icon packs... here's where he showcases them:

This is his desktop images:

And this is his git, containing his icon packs:

And this is his website:

Personally, I think Storm's Sonata icon pack would look good with a gray theme.


Thank you for Your Time. I looked at the Selection and I saw the Mystique Theme and Icons and Delight. Unfortunately the last one ist only available in blue, green, red and black. But the blue one looks pretty nice. Thank you again for your help. Have a nice Christmas!

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