If I install Zorin OS as a virtual machine on Windows will I limit its abilities?

Thank you both for your help!

I chose Ubuntu 32bit because the Zorin lite is the package I had downloaded.

Now I am downloading the 64bit version. Its going very slow so I will probably be continuing this tommorow.

I will try that command. Thank you again!


Zorin OS 15.3 Lite comes in either 32 bit or 64bit. Zorin OS 16 Lite will be 64bit only.

Hmm I get the error in the terminal

"Unable to locate package build-essental".

Also, what is the guest iso ? The original iso I used to install the Zorin OS?

My bad! There was a typo. I installed it via the terminal and went to devices tab and clicked something like install guest CD at the bottom.

What followed was a folder appearing with a lot of stuff. I am trying to open VBox linux additions.run but it is extremely slow

Are you still working on 32bit?

If you download Virtualbox at this page,
Extension pack is here:

I forgot to ask. Whet is the spec of your machine?


I did download those extensions from the start :slight_smile:

Yup still 32 bits because the Zorin Core version is not downloading for me.. Its 0.1/2.2GB and going slow. Yesterday I downloaded the lite version in minutes.

12Gb ddr4
256gb SSD
I also had a MX150 geforce but it died so I am using intel's integrated gpu now

edit: I gave to the VM 3gb ram and 2 cores

Try this link.


I think you can give up to 6 GB RAM and 4 Core to VM

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If all goes well and I like this OS, I will most likely give even more or even reverse and use windows as a VM

This does goes faster. But its a 16 version? Isn't that one paid only? :o

Zorin comes in 4 different flavours.


Only Ultimate version has a price tag. Others are all free.
It is basically Core version + some pre-installed games + mac line desktop arrangement.

Most of us purchase Ultimate version in lieu of donation to support the project.


image Which of these am I supposed to run to get this working? :sweat_smile:
VBox linux additions.run this failed to open there was some error

I am not an expert of Virtualbox.
I wonder if you want to give a shot to VMWare.


It is also free (but not open source like VirtualBox) for personal use.


I will check it out. But most likely it will also need these guest things installed. Thanks for sharing!

Yes you do.
But I can tell you exactly what to look for since I am using VMWare Player at this moment.

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I think you have to open the terminal in your VM Zorin to install.


I will try and if it doesn't work, I am already downloading the VMware player. But I already deleted the lite Zorin because the core version was downloaded :sweat_smile:

If you still want to continue with this 32bit version,
you have to copy
to your home folder.

Then open terminal (ctrl + alt +T)
and issue this command.
sudo bash ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
to install guest addition.


I am done with the 32bit, installing 64bit now. In the 64bit, this step is not necessary?