I'm back on Zorin OS

After some distro jumping, I found out I missed Zorin OS and in fact that the new way Gnomes libadwaita is screwing up the look made me come back to Gnome 3. Also I have been absence due to heavy work on my manuscripts, but I'm back on the forums more than ever. :slight_smile:


Good to see you again! How did your book go?

Still writing, but not so forceful at the moment. Taking it slow for now.

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It's good to take it easy every now and then, especially if you have a lot of work to do.

BTW, would you mind if I ask what theme and icon pack you have there?

It just something I put together the last couple of hours - not released yet. I put it together for show case :stuck_out_tongue:

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But it is a rebuilt of my old Shade of Z theme on gnome-look.org -but I'm improving it at the moment.

Nice to see you again.

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Very good news Storm ..... great to see that noble avatar face back on Zorin OS .... :beer: :clap:

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How did you get the Icons in the Taskbar to be matching the color of the OS?

I'm an icon maker :slight_smile:
And I modify the gnome-shell theme.

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You should see all of the icon packs he made in the #customization category.

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Which distros you tried ?

I got new laptop week ago, tried 5 different distros but Zorin is a win :slight_smile:

Easy, polished , good to go.

Btw welcome back :hugs:

I'm waiting for Zorin 17, and until then trying out a few different ones. Switched to OpenSuse at the moment. But definitely Zorin is too good to pass on it :slight_smile:

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Same Here. I went from Windows 10, Ubuntu, Zorin, and back again. Finally I am sticking with Zorin OS. It's just much faster, and secure than windows. I also like the clean, modern interface. :zorin:

Tried a ton of distros. They all look old and frumpy next to Zorin. Installing apps is a pain.


Considering how many reviews online consider x, y or z distros to be "beautiful" and "polished" I was expecting a lot more quality in many of them. But compared to Zorin they are not even close. They've done a great job at it.


Every person have a some faith and religion. I still believe Zorin.

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Hey i want that theme, looks beautiful.
Can u plz tell the methods and resources to get that.

Nope, it's not done yet.

You can follow this thread and I post there when it's done and more: [Theme] Zorin Delight - under construction

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