I'm looking for a new screen

I'm looking for a new screen which is not what I know much about. I need a gaming screen preferable Asus (all the gear I can get in that brand).
So far I have seen 3 types of screens

  1. LCD
  2. CRT
  3. LED

I have an eye on this one:

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Looks good. Just remember that Asus games plus is likely to be a Windows app.

There's a new one with greater Hz frequency about to be released. Need to pre order here in UK.


Personally I'm a ViewSonic Fan



Looks amazing but the price is 4 times higher than the one I linked. I do have the money, but is it worth it?

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If you handpicking try LED tech :wink:


How's the 4k support in Linux nowadays?

Found this 4k Samsung screen, but the screen is curved???


If Your PC can handle that.
then, Buy it and Attach It :joy:

P.S. There is no Asking what Screen your PC can support.


oh, I have a Nvidia 1070 GTX

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OKay I bought -

It was on sale and I think it's a good buy for the money and specs.


Which is better OLED or QLED?
The color rendering is excellent in both types of TV. As a rule, TV QLED will be a brighter TV, better suited to well-lit interiors. In OLED TVs you will find perfect blacks, high contrast, excellent quality.
I know it is some software what changing a colour.
Also I hearing some monitors have a sensor light.
Samsung: QLED, Neo QLED, UHD. Many types a monitors.
O - that means they are organic and life that monitor is shortly it coming new type monitors mini led they are not organics. Some tips but idk if they are now on market.

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Just set up my new screen that came with the mail man this morning. New colorful world!!!

Can you sayed what model it was a monitor?

Check this out!


My screen in action... well my cat know where to sit.

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