I'm so Happy

I just saw this at the end of the Zorin 17 release statement:

"You will also be able to directly upgrade from Zorin OS 16 to 17 shortly after its release."

I've heard, read some say that is the case, but seeing it officially from the Zorin Group. Angels started singing. No more every other year installs. It's the little things I enjoy so much..

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WOW @JeffK969 , Can you post the link where you "Heard read " this from?

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Here you go Ocka:

BTW, the credit for this link, goes to anon6471198...

Just saying. I came across his post on the forum today.

When will be beta version Zorin 17 to testing?

I am about to let fur and feathers fly and be the horrid naysayer:

This is not new and the ZorinGroup has officially stated support for a direct upgrade path from 15 to 16 before.

This may seem cold and harsh - but the reality is that I am well aware that I am not the only person that remembers this - and existing threads on this forum cover that issue.

It is quite true that other necessities delayed further development of the Direct Upgrade path. And it is also true that this has been delayed again in Zorin OS 16, in spite of it being listed as a priority for the ZorinGroup. Let's not forget as well that Ukraine was invaded during this development cycle.

And while I may possibly garner the ire of the forum administrators - It cannot be ignored.
Because too many remember the previous statements and that they did not materialize and I have zero doubt in my mind... That they will point this out in this thread far more unkindly than I.

I am being pragmatic - not mean.

A sense of trust is necessary between user and developer. The users must have some trust that the developers can meet their own stated goals or support delays. They must be able to trust that the developers can keep the users interests to heart.

I'd rather it be me that raises this now, as I have little interest in the direct upgrade path. Those who do have a vested interest - will be... far more vocal.


When people cannot update next version then they need backup and installing again everything. They want the operating system must be comfortable for them. It took time and some people don't have to much time because they are busy in real life.


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[HOW TO] Easily reinstall programs when Reinstalling Zorin will help with reinstallation of software. Saving the home directory will assist with the configuration of software that doesn't save the config to the web.

Easiest way I've found is to:

  1. Keep all your personal files on an external drive, not in the OS directories. You can completely wipe the drive(s) your OS is on, and your personal files won't be touched.

  2. Keep a list of all the applications you've installed. Name it "InstalledByMe.list".

Then when you're installing your new OS, just run:
cat InstalledByMe.list | xargs sudo apt install -y

Of course, you have to get the path to InstalledByMe.list correct... but otherwise it works.

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