Importing the Zorin lite theme into fresh install of XFCE?

So I recently installed xfce4 in an attempt to make my system more efficient (1st gen core i5, and 4 gigs ram), but I’m left with the stock theme; is there any way to easily import the zorin lite theme into this new manager?

Yes, there is:

sudo apt install zorin-desktop-themes

sudo apt install zorin-appearance-layouts-xfce-core

If you would like the Zorin Menu Lite:

sudo apt install xfce4-zorinmenulite-plugin

Please review what packages you may need to resotre your Zorin XFCE stuff here:

Ok, so I typed all 3 lines but nothing happened. Everything looks the same. Where do I go from here? Is there a one-stop button I can switch to make everything look like normal zorin?

Could you please open your App Menu and navigate to Settings > Window Manager (Window Manager Tweaks is a Different Application).
That is the XFWM4 Window manager, you can select the Zorin Theme borders from that open Pop Up window.
The gtk theme can be selected from Settings > Appearance
And the Icon set can also be selected from Settings > Appearance.