ZorinOS Lite theme on other XFCE

I'll make this as quick as possible.
I'm looking for a nice XFCE distro for my laptop. I like ZorinOS Lite's beautiful theme, but it's based on Ubuntu 18.04 and I've had terrible battery life on Xubuntu 18.04 so I imagine Zorin will be the same. So I want to add the layout to another XFCE distro.
I followed this here, and added the PPA Importing the Zorin lite theme into fresh install of XFCE? but it wouldn't work. I could get the theme, but it looks terrible without those sweet rounded corners and the menu. Here is the output: "E: Unable to locate package zorin-appearance-layouts-xfce-core"
"E: Unable to locate package xfce4-zorinmenulite-plugin"
I did apt update, then apt upgrade, then rebooted. Same problem.
For the record, I am using Linux Mint XFCE 20.1
As a closing statement, this is much longer than I planned, so sorry for that. But if anyone can offer any help, thank you.

A note, Linux Mint is also built off Ubuntu. I might recommend you try testing Zorin OS 16 Beta which once loaded, you can install a light desktop with

sudo apt install xfce4

This may just make things a lot easier and produce the results you want. Otherwise, you need the repository for package installation:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zorinos/stable