Improving the touch experience on Firefox on Zorin (Forefox touch fix)

(I've finally managed to get zorin16 to work with my surface go 2 yay!)

But like zorin15, the web browser firefox (as is vanilla) has touch setting on by default that don't give a good user experience, which could unfairly reflect badly on Zorin.

I think it would be smart to configure the firefox package to have a xinput2 enabled on Zorin so that there is a better webbrowser experience from first OS boot.

The issue is explained in the youtube video: Fixing the FireFox Touchscreen Issue in Ubuntu 20.04 - YouTube

And you can fix the issue for your firefox browser by running this command in the terminal:

"echo export MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 | sudo tee /etc/profile.d/"


Thanks for this great write up.
I would like to elevated it to the Tutorial section where more users would benefit from it.
If you think otherwise, please let me know.


That would be fine by me :slight_smile:

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