Independent Taskbar for Zorin OS 17 3D Desktop?

Hey everyone,

I love the 3D desktop feature in Zorin OS 17 but i want to change the taskbar behavior.

At Gnome 2 (like Ubuntu Mate), each workspace had its own set of open programs listed on the taskbar.

However, in the 3D desktop of Zorin OS 17, the taskbar seems to maintain the same set of open programs across all workspaces.

I find the independent taskbar behavior quite useful as it helps in organizing tasks efficiently across different workspaces.

Is there any way to configure the 3D desktop in Zorin OS 17 to mimic the behavior of Gnome 2 regarding taskbar functionality?

I'd appreciate any insights or tips on achieving this setup.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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The only thing I can recommend is take a screen shot of the current settings to remember how they were as a default. Then, experiment by changing the settings and maybe you will find what you want.

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Try see if the extension Floating panel can be set that way:

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As I understand it, isolate the taskbar for each workspace used to work in Zorin OS 16 but was removed in Z17.

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I tried, but apparently it didn't work. Thanks for help me!

You can isolate the app icons in the taskbar or dash/dock – based on what workspace or monitor they're on – by opening the Zorin menu > Settings > Multitasking and scrolling to the bottom to reach the "Application Switching" settings.

Based on this thread – and other similar reports recently – we've made it easier to find this settings. We released a software update to the Zorin Taskbar a few days ago to add a link to these Multitasking options in the Taskbar Settings window: