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Hi everyone,
a few months ago I started to breathe new life into an older iMac and tried various Linux systems on it.
Due to the whole theme of look and feel, simplicity,... I ended up at Zorin OS. Recently the system is live for me, so for daily use what surfing, emails, etc. is concerned. But now I have a "problem". In the notification area, which Zorin calls the "right box" (I think), symbols of rclone, realvnc and (at least three points) North Pass can be seen. Nordvpn, however, is not displayed to me, despite various "mods" or the info on the manufacturer's page that an info symbol should be visible. So now my question: How can I (similar possibly as under Win) set which apps,... in the notification area? I can handle Linux well with good tutorials and a little basic knowledge, but I'm not really deep into it. Thank you in advance.

Apparently NordVPN doesn't have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Linux, only CLI (Command Line Interface)... unless you want to compile the GUI for it here:

As such, you're not going to see an icon in the icon corral (ie: the right box).

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You are correct ..... Nordvpn must be opened by way of the terminal only ..... I did a tutorial on how to install it .....

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When I had set up and used nordvpv, I had used the open vpn style, where I added the configuration file with the security keys, and it would show a key in the system tray. While it wasn't the nordvpn icon, the key key me know when it was engaged (i had connected to it like any other wifi connection by way of system tray wifi icon, after i was sure the wifi was connected). While it wasn't the nordvpn icon, i knew my connection was secure.

The application is a nicety that isn't necessary and automated the addition of the configuration file, which wasn't difficult to add.

Thank you for your replies.
I know, that there ist no GUI, mut I want to see, if there is a connection or not.
I already installed Linux GUI from GitHub, but there is nothing to see in the right box.

It should be next to or replace the wifi icon.