Instal Zorin lite 16 into Asus TF201

Hello everyone. Health and happy New Years holidays.
I am Titiz from France.
It was while browsing the canvas that I came across this tool. I would like to install ZORIN 16 lite on an ASUS eepc LT201.

Asus spec :

if you could tell me how to save my old bone and tips for my future installation (if possible).
Thanks see you soon

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This may help: Any advice on how to install Zorin on a tablet?


Thank you . I am looking at how to backup and root. As soon as I advance on the subject, I come back to you. And I am also studying your information. @ +

Nvidia tegra and 1gb of ram ? I dont think this 10 years old tablet can run any linux version. But i might be wrong.

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Not Zorin, only puppy or Antix might work.

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i've got the same ***IT made by nvidia, should be the "deux ex machina" of the android tablet and instead was a pain left alone by asus.
since then , no more android tablet more than 200$€ for me. i've paied 500+€ and waste my money and time.

i REALLY suggest to throw away or use a flowerbase

Having looked at the specs and in view of the fact it only supports up to Android "kit-kat" I would invest in micro sdhc card to save any precious data, transfer your data to PC using a micro sdhc USB adapter then browse for any tutorials on installing Linux to boot off of the micro sdhc and use the onboard storage for data, if possible.

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