Install and Use Zorin Core - USB/Windows 11

Greetings Techies,
Please advise. I am considering installing and using Zorin OS on a USB stick.

Should I use this Zorin USB stick:

Is there a generic USB stick that would suffice? What is the minimum specifications?

I would like to use the same USB stick to install and use Zorin Pro at a later stage.

It should. I have used all kind of USB types. The bootup and installation of Zorin OS depending ofcause what version of the USB is and of the USB stick.

The minimum requirements of zorin OS core/pro is

Then you have to add the apps you're using on top of the system requirements. As usual the more the better in the computer world :smiley:

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Thank you for your response.
My understanding of what you have said. The USB stick must meet these minimum system specifications plus additional performance and storage.

  • CPU: 1 GHz Dual Core – Intel/AMD 64-bit processor
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 10 GB (Core), 24 GB (Education), or 40 GB (Pro)
  • Display: 1024 × 768 resolution

Zorin images (isos) are of the following sizes:

So you should be fine with an 8 Gb USB thumb drive. I use Ventoy (Linux Version).
You can use a Windows version, the process is still the same. You run the Ventoy application to format your USB stick then simply drag the iso to the thumb drive.

Storage relates to how much hard disk space is needed for an install of each. In terms of RAM LIte should be fine at 2 Gb but would suggest that Core, Education and Pro should be looking at least 4 Gb RAM for a smooth experience. I would also expect the heavier versions to work better with a faster CPU of 2 Ghz Dual Core or just under. 1024 x 768 is the minimum resolution - this will apply mainly to older machines with older graphics cards. You would certainly need a minimum of an nvidia GT730 to run Zorin 16 - I had to upgrade from a GT710 to a GT1030 to get Zorin 16 to run. The question comes down to what your intentions are, installing to USB with Persistence or installing to bare metal PC.

Thank you for your response.
I have Zorin Lite 16.3 installed on a USB.
When I access my D: drive "Try Zorin OS " opens where I can view all the features and make changes.
On the Desktop is an Icon "Install Zorin OS".

What is the process to install Zorin OS from this Icon on the same USB as a Persistence?

You cannot since the USB would need to be plugged in and not mounted. What you can do is use Ventoy with Persistence, instead.

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Thank you for your response. Let me try!

Thank you for your response.
Will download Ventoy!

Help please!!!!!
Installed Ventoy on my USB SanDisk 128 GB.
Drag and dropped the downloaded OS 16.3 Lite ISO file into the USB.
To my surprise I received a message "not enough space on the disk".
Checked the properties of the disk. There is now only 32MB of space.
SanDisk is 128GB????
Tried to reformat the USB disk to the original status.
Cannot get it right. What have I done wrong??????????

Did you install the program to USB? You download it to Desktop (Windows?) Run it from there while your USB stick is present. What Ventoy does is create 2 partitions, 1 for the program and the other for .iso's. I have about 8 or 9 different iso's on my 64 Gb stick, including all the free Zorin ones, Core, Lite, Education, Education Lite.

I agree - this sounds like a formatting error with the USB stick. You can use Rufus to reformat the stick if you want, or use the Partition Management Tool in GnuLinux or Windows OS.
Once fully formatted, install Ventoy and test.

My PC Device and OS:
Acer Aspire 5 Notebook/Windows 11 Pro
Installed on my USB:
Ventoy/Zorin OS Lite 16.3

When I boot into the USB/Ventoy and select the ISO all is OK.
When I select Install (not try) Zorin OS. The following message appears:
"Turn off RST (Rapid Storage Technology) to install the OS - reference given is - I have read the documentation - to be quite honest I do not understand it to make any changes to my PC.

Why do I receive this message? I want to install the OS on to the USB and not on my C: Drive?
Please advise.

Thanks for making it clearer what your intentions are. Please follow this guide:

Usually comes about when RAID is being utilized - if you boot into BIOS, you can change the disk 'RAID' settings to 'AHCI', then you should be good to go for installing. But, that will break booting for Windows, temporarily. There's nothing wrong with the Windows install, just the change for AHCI will prevent it from being 'seen' since it being configured for RAID when Win was installed. If that's even the case - RST does control RAID devices though. Just for when you're ready to install - that won't affect Live disk functionality.

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Thank you for your response. Let me review this!

Thank you! I will digest this option.

You could do something different than using apps to make the bootable --

This way I've been doing for a few years now, I think is a lot easier:

First and foremost - format your USB stick to NTFS; same format as the others. Then --

Mount the .ISO file you want to rip:

Then you should be able to open the mounted 'disk' in Nautilus (for this example, Zorin OS 16.3 core was used):

Now - copy ALL the files from the mounted disk to the root of the new NTFS USB stick (use Ctrl+H to expose hidden files):

When it's finished copying files over, you can boot from it! Just select the USB in startup options like normal. No need for any apps to write the files :grin: And of course, depending on your machine determines how you boot into BIOS.

  1. Boot USB disk - the format is now NTFS.
  2. Storage ISO USB disk - right click on the ISO file - cannot find the option "Open with disk image mounter".
    Please advise.

Right click, 'Open with other application' and select the disk image mounter - then should mount. Then copy / paste contents to the empty drive. Then, boot! :grin: