Install command force unmounting the Zorin installation iso file it needs

So let me set up this scenario:

I just built a new PC and installed Zorin only to find that it didn't want to talk to my Asus wifi adapter. (Mods stick with me here this post is only part of the solution). So I found in another spot the necessary drivers to make this thing work, all that I need to do is compile using the make command. Simple right?

Command 'make' not found. Install using sudo apt install make.

Okay... lets do so.

Zorin asks "please insert disk labeled Zorin-OS 16 Core 64bit into drive labeled /media/cdrom and press [Enter]."

The iso is on the computer. Okay mount real quick... press enter.

"Please insert... yada yada yada" What?

(Be aware internet is not available because wifi doesn't work and ethernet is not feasible.)

So in summary running the install make command requests the Zorin installation iso file, which after mounting and hitting enter to continue, force unmounts the iso and requests it again. How do I make it stop that so I can get this PC working?

Can you please open Software & Updates and in the Other Software tab, check the box to ON for using CDROM Zorin...

Insert the LiveUSB stick into the port, then open the File Manager. In the left pane treeview, you should see it appear. Click on it.
It should then mount, giving you read access to what is on the disk. At this point, switch over to terminal and run

sudo apt update && sudo apt install make

I have concerns...
Zorin OS Comes with Make Already Installed.
So right away, I wonder if your installation Medium is corrupted - causing your current woes.

Result is same as above. With the added anger from the os of it not being able to fetch from the web.

I'm partially not too concerned though, from what I've seen the wifi problem is pretty common across ubuntu based os, right now it's just getting terminal to work with me.

Is your installation media USB or Disk?

USB stick

Can you try unmounting it from media and remounting it on CDRom

umount /media/

Then run:

ls -l /sys/block/sd* | grep usb

From the output, look for /sys/block/sdb -> On mine, it is just sdb... Yours may be different, like /sys/block/sdc -> - Note what the device (/dev) is.
Let's say it is sdb, like mine:

mount /dev/sdb /cdrom

Note the space between sdb and /cdrom
This forum doesn't always display it all very well...
If this mounts, returning to the terminal (Select y if needed to retry mount), see if it will then access as mounted.

Nope same result. Literally watched it disappear from the left side of the file explorer when I hit enter

The USB stick contains the bootable live media, correct?

That's correct. I can make it mount but the second I hit enter on the install make command it disappears before my eyes and starts asking for the disc

When you booted into it and entered "Try Zorin", did wifi work on the trial? (This happens sometimes)

If you boot into the USB, open a terminal and run

make --version

What is the output?

No wifi adapter found in the settings menu, but can be seen using lsusb.

As for the other command I get Command make not found.

That gives me a wonderful feeling.

Well... what is the driver? And the card?

The card is an Asus USB-AC53 Micro.

I'm using a method found here and using a generic realtek driver for the chipset Asus uses.

Edit: bad link

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Great. let's try using a .deb self installer, instead.
Grab the .deb package;

Then transfer it to your non-working computer. With a USB stick, not a hammer.
Tempting thought it may be...
Move it to your Home Directory.

You can install with the terminal command

sudo dpkg -i rtl88x2bu-dkms-all.deb

Or double click on it to open the Installation GUI.
And fingers crossed..

Figured it would be easier to take a picture.

Sigh... because DKMS is also not installed.

Run this puppy, first... then the other one.

sudo dpkg -i dkms_2.6.1-4_all.deb

I'm beginning to wonder how this thing even runs.

Yes, build-essential is among the first things I get on there on a fresh install...
But GCC should already be installed.

And connecting through Ethernet is not an option?
At this rate, I am going to end up posting a .deb package that installs Zorin OS.

... I had high hopes but low expectations. It was a stretch, but would have been a neat solution.

Let me explain. PC is built into a Lian Li DK-05F desk. In my living room. Router is in office/breakfast room. Need ~170 ft of cable to make Ethernet work.

Awesome setup.

Sadly, at this point, I think connecting to the net is the best bet.

I just did some searching to see if any distros carry that driver out of the box, but came up empty-handed.
Other options may be

  • Getting some helpers to carry the desk over...
  • Getting a different Wifi Adapter with known Linux support...
  • Create a bootable Clone of Zorin OS, with all those essentials installed.

The last two options are not bad ones, really.
Creating the bootable clone would require installing, then upgrading, then cloning Zorin on a Working computer, however.