Install Microsoft Office 2021 on ZorinOS 17.1

Hi, i newby linux user. I'm trying to install my company licence of MS Office 2021, but i'm finding many problems. I've tried with PlayOnLinux release 9, but nothing to do... Is there Someone can help me please? Thanks :slight_smile:

I started with Linux last year and had the same issues. Some people have had luck with Crossover on older versions of Office, but not with 2021.

I eventually decided to run Windows in a virtual machine. I installed Oracle's VirtualBox and it has worked great!

If you go that route, you'll need to get an ISO of Windows, which isn't hard to find. Look up a video or tutorial on YT if you're interested. It takes a few minutes to get set up, but I found it works better than Wine, PlayonLinux, Crossover, or any of the others.

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Supposedly, MS Office products work better on actual hardware using MS Windows. I have heard many people say Bottles works wonders but I have no actual experience. Let us know how it works out.

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Personally I find MS Office painful on the eyes. A few months before lockdown I purchased 5 computer licence of SoftMaker Office Pro 2018 for £25. I was so glad I did. What I enjoyed during lockdown was not having to work with Windows (apart from a VM to access shared mailbox). My workflow was far quicker in TextMaker than Word and when saved as .docx work informed me there were no errors and students with low vision I was modifying documents for had no issues. The same for Presentations to! PlanMaker was able to edit Timetables created with Excel had no issues. Have only just recently found out that the subscription version, NX, also includes access to DeepL Translate, the open source language translation software. In addition, files can be exported as .pdf and .epub. (Pro and NX).
2024 version now includes a QR and barcode Template.

Their pdf software cannot compete with Master PDF Editor, or my preferred app, pdf Studio Pro.


I've never heard of SoftMaker Office, but after reviewing their website, that looks promising.

I use OnlyOffice as a Flatpak. Works great and no problems so far after about 2 years of use.

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That wouldn't work for me as I try to avoid flatpak wherever possible. However, where I host my unofficial manuals uses Only Office to view the files I created in SoftMaker (17] and LibreOffice (15). I loved using Okular pdf viewer to extract text, tables and images into Text Maker. Once you make the font you choose as default for the document in Text Maker, text extracted is turned into Font and size of font you made default. Tables from Okular drom to basic roman but not a big isdue; just highlight all the cells, press Ctrl+ Space and the font changes to what you made default in the document. Also their Ribbon is better thought out than MS, and if you prefer the same menu bar as Word 2003 equivalent you can change that. Oh, and you know in Word you can only cut tables? In TextMaker you can delete them!

I totally get the aversion to Flatpak, it can be a bit tricky. However, if you're open to alternatives, consider using LibreOffice or OnlyOffice. They’re pretty robust and handle most tasks you'd need. TextMaker is another great tool, especially for those who miss the old Word menu bars.

Softmaker Office is by far more compatible in an environment that is heavily document-based and using Microsoft Office.

Only Office is pretty close in that regard.

Libre Office is solid, but more complex Microsoft Office documents will have formatting and other issues more often.

At home, I would personally use Libre, but since I run a business and have seen the issues with back and forth documents with clients, I use Softmaker Office. It also helps that it is GDPR compliant, since my business is Cybersecurity and Privacy compliance.

In any of these I would recommend setting the default file type to save in the Microsoft format, if you are in a Microsoft Office heavy environment.

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