Install, Windows can not find a system image

I tried to install Zorin Core on an older PC. The machine says,"Windows can not find a system image on this computer." I've tried two different flash drives, tried both belenaetcher and rufus. In rufus I tried both an ISO and DD image. The USB port works with other devices. Any suggestions?

It displays this when you attempt to burn the .iso to the flash drive?

No, when I try to boot from the flash drive to install the ISO image to the PC.

I have set the PC to boot from USB first. But this doesn't work either. I have to enter the recovery environment in Windows to attempt to install it from there.

This is the correct procedure - which is why I was confused that Windows was talking to you about it.:wink:
You may need to enable a setting in your BIOS.
What is your year/make/model computer?

2009 CyberPowerPc

P5N-T Deluxe mother board.

I already went in bios and set it to boot from USB as the first option. It still does not see it as a bootable drive

Is it using MBR or EFI?
Does your BIOS Settings window have a storage section?
If so, ensure that in that section, your Computer Hard Drive is set to "Primary Drive".

In rufus, partition scheme is MBR.

Target system is, "BIOS or UEFI" That's one selection for both.

There is no Storage section in BIOS.

Dare I ask this question. Have you verified the SHA256 checksum for the .iso file? See: Methods of downloading Zorin OS - #8 by zabadabadoo

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