Install zorin os desktop (extensions, and the layouts app) in arch linux

Can I install the customized gnome desktop of zorinos on arch linux, without pro layouts, since i didn't buy pro.
I'm using arch linux only 'cause of the AUR... If there's no way to do that, I'll switch back to zorin.
Happy New Year!

Since Arch Linux is a Rolling Release, this would not be possible. The extensions used in Zorin OS would conflict with the latest Gnome used in the Rolling release on Arch. You would ultimately end up only battling constant headaches due to gnomes fast-paced changes.

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Ok, and if i downgrade gnome to 3.38 and disable updates for that?

It may be, then. But I am not sure. Why not set up a Test Partition for that?

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Virtual machine, ready. Now I'll test and if it works, i'll put the tutorial here(can I?)

and when i have gnome 3.38, what do i have to do?

Maybe this video link little help.

thanks thanks @Bourne but i was searching (only for fun, and for blowin my mind) how to install zorin layouts, and things like that on Arch linux

You welcome. Have a nice day. @Nicolaco_08

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