Install Zorin OS issues

Hello !
Is possible to install Zorin without live ?
Because I buy the pro edition and the install app doesn't work, he disappear after the launch, so I hope is possible with terminal, because I can't do anything !!!

Download the ISO file and make a bootable drive with balena etcher or rufus. Then follow these steps:-


I already try, we must install and not try

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I use Rufus and I write with DD option

Have a look a this pre-install checklist. Before you install

Thank you I already follow this, my SSD is clean, no preinstall system, I boot on MBR, no fast boot.
The Live system is good, I need a command for export Zorin on SSD and make it bootable

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i used rufus too but it was So, hard to install. You should try flashing usb drive with balena, maybe it works then.


Same issues with Etcher, I don't have this screen :

I don't know why, I can run firefox and navigate and use all software but in live.
I upload later a video take by my phone for show the problem.


I tried to install Zorin Education using Balena and it borked. Give Ventoy a try. In my instance I had to end up installing Windowsfx Linux and adding education apps afterwards. And I used MultiSystem but you need to have a working Linux OS to create a MultiSystem USB, my USB booter of choice.

I tried and resting and this working for me. Mostly before using also Galena and Rufus.

Thanks for the help, I try this later and leave a feedback.

Nothing work... Back to Windows...

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