Install Zorin OS without Cd drive/pen drive

Hey, there I need help to install zorin os in my laptop without pen drive. I used Unetbootin something but whenever I boot into unetbootin it shows this

If anyone ever tried install zorin with unetbootin using please reply!

I am pretty sure you need at least a CDROM drive if not a USB Pen Drive to install Zorin OS. If I am reading your message correctly, it sounds like you made a burn with Unetbootin.

Clarification is most certainly needed...

Are you currently on Windows on your hard drive, and thats the installation that is currently on the internal drive?

Did you double check the ISO checksum to make sure that the integrity of the ISO was intact, did it pass the checksum test?

If Unetbootin is not going to work, you could always try Rufus to burn an ISO, thats available for Windows as well.

If you were on Linux, I would recommend Popsicle for making ISO burns to USB flash drives.

I'm new to this. It's my first time doing this. Let me clarify what I did.

I'm currently on windows 10. I wanted a dual boot with Zorin os Lite.
I downloaded Zorin os lite from the official website and also created a partition of 50Gb then I opened unetbootin and did this

After this I re-started my pc and got an option to boot in unetbootin but it gave me error like file is missing or error in file

I didn't tried this and I don't have any idea how to do this.

Please assist me I'm a beginner
Thank you!

I found this link which takes you to the Microsoft Store, which has a supposedly free hash checker tool. Click Here!

Now, where you find the checksum hashes for each distro of Zorin OS is at this link, Click Here!
Click on view Sha256 Checksums at the bottom and you will find them.

Choose the right one for the version of Zorin OS you downloaded. Copy and past the hash code into the Hash checker tool. If the hash check passes, it means the ISO is good.

If the Hash check fails, you have to download a new copy of the ISO.

I don't have knowledge on dual booting as I never got it to work for me, there are other's on here who can greater help you with that. I also haven't been a Windows user since Windows 7.

I'm not sure if it passed or not ;-;

Hello there!

See the HASH TYPE drop down? Does it have a SHA256 option? If it does, please set it to that, as you are checking against a SHA256 checksum. Hopefully it does pass.

I won't be on here much longer so @Aravisian will have to take over.

Here is the new result

Well, I've never used that APP, but I think its being obvious that the ISO has passed the checksum test, cause you see all that GREEN in there. If it would have failed, I'd assume we'd be seeing a lot of RED with possibly an exclamation point in there somewhere.

So good news, at the very least, you now know that the ISO you downloaded is good! I realize your a beginner, but your doing excellent so far, just wanted you to know that.

I believe Aravisian suggested using Zorin in a Virtual Machine instead if you wanted. He will have to guide you down that path, if you should choose to do that. But, if it were me, I'd buy a 64GB USB flash drive, burn the ISO onto the flash drive with Rufus, since your on Windows.

And then I would boot off of the USB drive, and install Zorin OS.

Or you can cheat with this :wink:
Drop the file into the box to get a hash.

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Did you choose a usb thumb drive when you wrote the image, or one of your internal disks? It's not going to work correctly if you wrote it to an internal disk because that is where you'll be installing the os. This can also break your windows installation and show you the recovery screen you have posted above.

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From the screenshot, Unetbootin is pointing to his C:\ drive, not USB or CD.

Have we convinced the OP that he needs to buy a USB stick to create bootable ZorinOS using Unetbootin (or another etcher).

Does his machine have not have USB or DVD? Is that why title is "Install Zorin OS without Cd drive/pen drive"

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I had the impression earlier that the O.P. was thinking Unetbootin could install and run Zorin like a Virtual Machine. I could be wrong, though...

Maybe he need change option boot in bios?
Mostly I used Balena Etcher or Rufus.

There are some ways in which you can install Linux OS without using a USB pen drive or Cd. I have seen people doing that and it works but not sure if it works with Zorin Os.

Yes, it's C drive and that's the correct option if you can see I also select hard disk instead of the USB Drive option as it helps me to dual boot and when I tries to boot I also get an option btw these two one is Unetbootin another is Windows 10 when I select unetbootin it gives me an error, unfortunately.

What if I create a separate petition for that ?

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