Installation and Distro recommendations

btw i came after some weeks, and you helped me make my day great :rofl: . i also changed a few distros. i am currently on fedora 34 and i'm in love with it. also, i am going to install linux mint alongside it. any suggestions what to do after installing it? also any other alternative to fedora 34 which is fast, secure and can be used by productive people like me :slightly_smiling_face:

I know better than to try...

I prefer the Stark Menu or Cinnamenu on Cinnamon Desktop.

i am already installing the cinnamon version of it :slightly_smiling_face:

Cinnamon version of... Fedora 34? OR Linux Mint?

Cinnamenu and Stark Menu are alternative App Menus for the panel.

of linux mint, hence stark menu and cinnamenu is not a necessity, right?

(p.s. zorin forum did get a nice makeover :smiley: )

No, not at all. Just an alternative. Personally, I find them fully-featured and configurable in ways that the default menu is not.

And that is all that comes to my mind for anything to recommend for Cinnamon. It's a pretty solid desktop.

ya heard a lot about it (by lot I mean a lot!) and linux mint has apt as its package manager (instead of the confusing dnf in fedora)

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Debian rules :muscle:

My second desktop is currently running Mint Cinnamon.
Upgraded recently to 20.2 without any issue.

HI @FrenchPress been a bit of time after which I came back to Zorin OS, just to get knowledge of some people ( @Aravisian, you and @marko94) I could get recommendation for anything I want, even though I am currently not using Zorin OS anymore. I liked Mint because of its stability, but i would also like some distro which is aesthetically beautiful and very stable and secure (Like Zorin). I really agree that Debian is the king over any other package manager or OS.


I do not know if you already check it out, there are Debian based distros such as LMDE and MXLinux.
My husband is using MX over one year and he claims that it is the most stable OS he used. I suspect it is party due to the old stable 4 series kernel.

We are currently having a lots of issue on this forum regarding the latest kernel update to 5.11.0-34 (a.k.a. Kernel from Hell).

Heh, I don't know why, but I am always using latest kernel as possible , without issues :slight_smile:

It is because you can afford all that shiny new hardware :wink:

Can I just say that I love your username? If all my lithium batteries were getting a 100W charge, they would charge faster, and I wouldn't be waiting lol. But you should change your username to 1000WCharge cause holly guacamole Batman, you are changing distro's faster then I can keep up lol.

EDIT: Which also explains why you haven't updated your profile to reflect which Zorin OS version you are using, because you are distro hopping like Kirk was hopping Galaxy's in his Enterprise ship. :stuck_out_tongue:


but i didn't see the option before. it cam after the forum got a makeover, and i wasn't using the forum for some time, hence i forgot to update it.


@StarTreker i had first got Ubuntu, then got bored :neutral_face: so switched to Zorin, after which I got Fedora (currently using Fedora 34 and it works smooth :exploding_head:), after which I tried Manjaro (didn't work well :expressionless:), then I tried Cyber OS (this too didn't work well :no_mouth:), then Linux Mint (very good and stable but not much beautiful :confused:), and then CuteFish OS (very beautiful, but not at all stable :unamused:), and back to Fedora :rofl:. Now planning to install some OS alongside Fedora and I want some suggestions about which OS would work smoothly, give me regular security and app updates, and look beautiful on my laptop :wink:


You can try Pop Os if you want to

hmm... heard a lot about it, but not tried yet. deciding to switch back to Zorin OS. should i switch back or install Pop! OS instead?

Can use whatever you want

Why change Entire Distros just because some look "beautiful" and some don't?
Theming is a thing, you know.

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yes i can but i am confused lol :

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