Installation failed

is my hdd the problem? I'm trying to install in a new SSD.

OR My usb drive is the problem?
I'm using a memory card for flash drive

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Gday @Praveen

Please explain what you wish to do.

Dual boot or clean install?

Machine Spec's?

Zorin OS you wish to install?

What program did you use to create usb drive?

Did you do a checksum on the download?

Have you updated the firmware ( new SSD )?

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Hi @Ocka

I tried installing zorin os with that new ssd!

Clean install. I had two Os though in hdd (main) windows and Mint. I wanted to delete both of them and start with zorin os.

Ram: 8Gb, I got two drives Hdd (main) and SSD brand new.
Also about processor AMD e2 2000 something.

I used balenaetcher.

No I haven't checksum on the download i thought zorin automatically checks when booting into live image as it was mentioned in website

Firmware well. I don't have a clue that a SSD need a firmware upgrade. I might check on that. If u know how to do that let me know thanks

Note: I tried installing linux mint and I have the same problem

Ok thanks,
First shut down turn off power, remove SATA cable & power cable to SSD. ( just for installation )

When restarting pc goto BIOS/UEFI , Disable "Fast boot".
And select to boot from USB the priority boot.

If using Windows , please try " RUFUS" to create bootable usb drive,
If using Linux, I use " Startup disk creator "

To run a checksum on the download, follow link.

Zorin OS will do a "MD5 checksum/system error's"prior to installation ( Do Not Skip This process).

To Checksum the download, is different to MD5 checksum.

Hope this helps

Hi, What is the point of removing SSD from the system?

I wanna install Linux in that.

Either way I'm gonna do all the things which u mentioned.

Thanks I'll update you!

Just a safety precaution, But if your confident to leave it plugged in , then do so. :+1:

Some user's are not sure when selecting the correct drive/etc.

Im offline now, someone else may help you if needed. :+1:

You have been on the forum some time, so you should be familiar with this: Before you install

Were you using the same "memory card" when attempting to install Linux Mint?

Have you tried a different installation medium e.g. USB Stick?


Your PC is from 2013 that processor for laptops.
I understable are you installing on external hard disk or inside laptop or you changed cdrom for second hard disk? Cdrom is slower.
Flash Drive you mean sdcard?

Hi @Bourne
You are correct about about cd rom
I also installed that new ssd in main port by removing the current and still no luck.
Yes sd card.

I don't have any usb drive for now. I have ordered it though I'll update here if anything progresses.

So the primary operating system the best option could be inside a laptop. Old laptops have sata connections, sometimes adapters from ide sata.
The problem what I know from my experiences sdcard could be very warm when you using and then the port start freezing. The next solution could be if you have some cdrom connect to usb ports - i have one cdrom external using to port.
So the propably the linux trying recognize a cdrom on port sata but you have a ssd inside. The solution could be you can put that hard disk what you want installing Zorin put inside in laptop that all old version laptops have a sign where back laptop where is hard disk then change a hard disk and install a Zorin.
In shortly out hard disk with your second operating system then exchange the empty hard disk where you want installing a Zorin.

Hi @Bourne thanks for helping me out.

You are correct the usb stick (which contained memory card) gets very hot. I have touched it to feel that warmness.

And I'm sorry I tried reading your para again and again but I didn't understand most of the things you're talking about.

I'm having hard time understanding your way of describing in English. I think my English ain't good enough to understand what you are trying to say.

Though I never faced any hardship in understanding in English

But thanks for helping!

Yeah my english is very badly.
Well the point is you want installing Zorin on cdrom port where you have new ssd.
The point is [take] out primary hard disk inside laptop.
Then the hard disk from cd rom put inside a laptop not cd rom port.
Then you can trying again from sdcard installing a Zorin.
I mean changing a place hard disk.
I know in laptops second port is using for data files but not for operating system because the port cdrom is very slow.

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Hi @Bourne
You were right. The problem was with memory card since it was getting over heat.

Thanks. I have successfully installed it.

I had just one question?
Can I swap Hdd & sdd location now?

Well. I don't know exactly what you want but when I installed Zorin 16 and asking about shrink and installing ssd it could be unstable.
SSD is very fast and i reading on this hard disk swap partition not necessary. I remember @337harvey told me it is risk. Ask him he can gived you better answear or maybe you can trying find on seach sign.

I think he is referring to putting the other drive in and returning this one to where it was.

@Praveen, it would be the right time to return to your original configuration. Check the temps on the drives, they should not get to 80 C. Other than, that, you should be ready to go.

If you run into errors, make sure you start a new, detailed thread for anything that occurs. Hopefully your woes are in the past.

Hi thanks for replying. My problem was already solved.

I was using sd card in sd usb card reader to install zorin and during that time. My usb sd card got very hot. Not sure if that's the reason why zorin stopped the installation.

But I have used the real usb stick and everything working fine! Thanks.


Yes 100%, sd card (Any electronic parts) getting to hot will malfunction/Damage them.
Glad you fixed the issue :+1:
Please "mark your last post as the "Solution"
This will help other know , this solution may help them.
Thank you.
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