Installation in AMD Turion 64 ML32 running XP

Dear All,

I have decided to update a piece oc museum i have a home but it does not boot from usb. Am i missing something when creating the bootable disk?. When i insert the bootable usb memory the system detects the connection but it does not mount. NTSC issue? any help is welcome.

I have used Rufus now and still the same it does not boot from the usb.
Fat32 partition used.

Is USB listed as boot device in your BIOS?

This may be of help:

NB. I always use Unetbootin to create bootable USB’s, but that is just personal preference.

Thank you!! keeps on jumping USB, dvd and so on, i guess is just too old BIOS

What do you mean by that?
Can you illustrate somehow i.e. what boot options are shown to you in BIOS.

Which version of ZorinOS have you downloaded e.g. Lite or Core?
I have seen items on other forums that say that whilst the AMD Turion 64 is 64bit, you may be better off with 32bit OS if you have little amount of RAM.

Did you confirm the SHA256 checksum for the ZorinOS download to confirm download was not currupted.