Installation interface keep loading with no windows to interact with

I'm trying to install both zorin but the screen keep loading without anything coming up like in the photo below.

I checked the zorin iso file, safe download with latest version of the browser nothing changed.

I tried installing on a different computer and it worked :frowning:

PS: I installed zorin several times on my laptop and faced no issues like this

Thanks for help :heart:

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Your forum profile indicates you have ZorinOS Lite.
Can you tell us, is it Z16.3 Lite or Z17.1 Core that you are attempting to install?

I see you checked the SHA256 of the .iso, so that is a good start. Do have a look at this pre-installation advice, particularly about disabling Secure Boot (BIOS) and Fast Start (Windows). Before you install

I wonder if you chose to include updates and additional drivers e.g. Nvidia as part of your install? If you did, try again with those two items unticked.

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You could try installing Zorin 16 then upgrading using the upgrade tool

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Thanks for your help :heart:
I was installing Zorin core 17 and faced this problem
then I flashed my USB stick with Zorin lite 16, the same problem :frowning:

I read the documentations and tried disabling disabling secure boot.

Please, can explain your last recommendation? I just downloaded the iso file, checked its health and then flashed it with balenaetcher.

Thankss :heart: :heart:

Thanks for your help :heart:

Maybe I can't because there is no screen to load in the installation interface :frowning:

The ZorinOS installer should ask which type of installation you desire, e.g. on its own or alongside another OS, then ask if you want updates and drivers to be sourced as part of your install. It is the last two, updates and drivers, I suggest you do not tick to include, as you can do that after you successfully install ZorinOS.
I am not sure from your screenshot if you got to those installation questions or not.

Have you tried a different USB creation tool e.g. Rufus, as Belana Etcher sometimes gives trouble.

Can you tell us what is the spec of the machine you are trying to install Z17Core?

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Welcome to the Forum!

Is Your USB Stick formatted to FAT32? You wrote that You tried it with disabled Secure Boot. Is TPM disabled too? And is this a Dual Boot or only Zorin?

Second the machine specs.

On the USB - older MBR (WinXP) style boot methods do use a FAT32, newer EFI/UEFI boot types use an NTFS format; usually.

What you can do to cut out the 'writing' apps is: format the USB in NTFS, extract the .ISO file in its entirety to the root of the USB drive, then boot and try again.. but that's just to diagnose if the writing apps are causing any issues or not - if that doesn't work, I'd suggest poking around in BIOS for anymore boot / sec options.