Installation of wifi driver

ok i went to secure boot and it is enabled what to do now.

If you are only using Linux I recommend disabling it.
Once disabled, save and exit with F10.

Reboot computer. Test Wifi.

i went to secure boot the first time but i forgot how to enter the bios can you help me i pressed F10 and on the second time a pressed on F10 but i had was some writing on the left side of the screen

Your splash screen should give prompts.

i tryed it again but every time i press F10 it doesnt do anything and no command prompts ether so im having a very hard time getting in to my bios. im getting frostraded at this.

If you boot normally, do you see firmware Settings on the Zorin Grub Menu screen?

well thats the thing i dont know what the zorin grub menu sceen is

When you first boot, it shows for a moment before the Zorin Splash screen. It looks like this:

the zorin grub menu screen dosent pop up at all it goes straite to my desktop

When rebooting and you need the grub menu press escape button (esc)

i tryed that to but it gave me nothing.

everything i do it doesnt work

when i tryed again it said failed to launch grub menu

i did it now secure boot is disabled but it dosent look like the wifi works becuase the wifi symble is not there.

There is a edit button when you have posted a message. So you can add all the "new" info you want to share. Posting and posting and posting wont help when people are offline. Have some little patience

With Secure boot off, try re-configuring the packages, since we know from earlier that the drivers and modules are installed:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure packages

You can use


To see your Wifi Interface name and

lshw -c network

To check if it still says network unclaimed or not.

I am sorry for the delay; I needed to leave the computer for a while.

this is what i got

I am very sorry, my brain reverted to Zorin 12. I mean:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

heres what i got

There is a typo in the line.