Installed proton vpn and can only go online with it on


i installed proton downloading the app and it works fine but I can only go online when the VPN is active? any ideas why?

my vpn app wont even load properly

Are there terminal configuration settings you can verify if your app GUI won't load? Look for the Killswitch CLI command in below link on GitHub.
protonvpn-cli ks, killswitch

You can also run the command protonvpn-cli --help to remind yourself how to configure the application via CLI.

Can you uninstall the application? If so, recommend uninstall and then try to access a website. If you need to re-install, suggest using the setup guide located at the link below:

I uninstalled it via terminal but now I don't have access to the internet anymore. I'm pretty sure this is still caused by the Killswitch unless I uninstalled it too.
I'm not so familiar with Linux.

None of the Killswitch commands work. Just says commands not found

this worked thank you very much

Good to hear.

I believe @Hdky is alluding to the fact that the solution at this post is what helped solve their problem.


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