Installed Sole Zorin 16 to drive from dual Zorin 12 and 16 - Brother Printer issue

Reinstalled Zorin 16 since i had both OS (Z 12 and 16) running and Zorin 12 was taking up too much drive space and i needed to change from UK to US keyboard layout. Now i have saved data from Z12 (to USB) and transferred over to the latest version of Z16. Installed drivers for both scanner and printer. Scanner works but printer will not respond. It just makes a print que and does not respond by actually printing anything. Have reconnected/adjusted printer and printer power cable, and restarted computer. Just no message getting through to printer. Computer indicates print message received. No Error codes.

Any suggestions what should i try or do to get my printer up and running.


can you tell us more about your printer ( model, drivers etc)


Hi There,

Its a brother HL- L5200DW

I downloaded the driver from the following link-


Okay, this morning it is printing but only what i would consider perhaps the source code of documents? Attached i have placed a document result from one of my attempts to print.

I do not know if you have tried any of the steps outlined in this page:

But I wonder if anything there may help you.

Dropped it off to a technician today who says he has fixed it by running the printer on wifi

It is interesting to know.
I tend to think USB connection is more straightforward than network connect.
But considering that most of printers in market are WiFi connect type now a days, I should change my thinking. Even my 89 years old mother-in-law is using her Cannon printer with WiFi connect :wink:

I just saw another case of printer problem and the solution was to use WiFi connection instead of USB.

I got it home and had to setup the wifi connection myself. First time i had to connect a printer to wifi using the printer interface. Then i added the new printer to the wifi network.

It didnt work. I needed to select add printer in Zorin and then search for my IP address to find the printer on wifi. Then ask to print from it.

I think Zorin needs to release patches for printing on USB for some printers.

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I will flag this thread for @zorink and @AZorin so that they could take a look.

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