Installed zorin 15.3 core but no idea how to connect to wifi

This one.
Then, at the top, UNcheck the box for CD:ROM

done ...

will be back here in abour 20 to 30 minutes ,,,,

till then ......

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my mistake ... not for another 50 minutes yet ...

at the bottom of s/w & updates, choice of 3 ...
add / edit / remove ...
is it unetbootin (bin) file or the zorin iso file ......? or something else ...?

None of those. Just UNCheck the box for CD:ROM. That is all that is needed in this application.
This is to solve the error about being unable to update apt from the CD:ROM.

Once that is done, please proceed with opening unetbootin and burning the .iso to your flash drive.

I started to wonder if OP would be better off waiting for the upcoming Zorin 16 Lite. There would be many improvements incorporated in this new version. That way, OP can avoid upgrading OS which could be quite a number for beginners.

okay ...

i've unticked the cd rom box as suggested and closed the 's/w & updates' window.

will re-attempt to open unetbootin but i think that's what i did already and didn't get very far ...

will shutdown shortly so will reply to you tomorrow.

cheers and thanks a stack for your help so far ...

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hi ...

a similar alternative was suggested around the time i started this series of posts ...
z15.3 core then z15 lite then 16 core which is still ongoing as you know ...

....... if you think that z16lite will install considerably easier and faster than z16 core, then i'm willing to give it a shot whenever it is released.

Since we still do not see the actual thing, I cannot vouch. But I saw much problems have been solved by going for Zorin 16 Core from 15,3 Core.
I would imagine the same thing could happen between Zorin 15,3 Lite and 16 Lite.

i've not yet managed to install z16 core ... so many problems ... but i live in hope ... i have to admit, it's very frustrating at times.

am i right in thinking that the 'lite' version is a cut-down version of core?

It has more or less the same apps, but the Lite uses a different desktop (XFCE) which is way more straightforward than Gnome (Core version's desktop).

I would say, No. This does not describe it. Lite uses a different desktop environment that is not as Resource Intensive as Core.

Core is formulated (With Gnome) to launch apps based on productivity - much like preload. This includes having apps run in the background in anticipation of you launching it - or running prep scripts.
XFCE does not load an app in anticipation of you launching it. It only loads it if you launch it.
This makes XFCE less resource hungry than Gnome. For most apps on XFCE, they should still launch quite quickly. But some heavy apps will launch more slowly on XFCE than on Gnome, since the full app must be initialized.
Due to XFCE being lightweight though, on a new system with lots of RAM and a fast processor, XFCE would launch even the heaviest apps as quickly if not quicker than Gnome, since Gnome is also running other 'high demand" apps in the background and XFCE is not.

XFCE is not just for old computers.

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hi ...

my apologies for forgetting your above suggestion regarding 'start technology & connect technnology' ...

the settings were already turned off so i took no action..

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i know i changed some file where i must put manual my wifi: "name" and "password" some file netconfig.cfg
Don't remember it was long time ago or just used a dongle what is compatibility with drivers.

hi ...
didn't know most of what was in your post ...
very interesting ... had an idea xfce & gnome were somehow connected but exactly what or how, no idea.
so ... thank you ...

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He was just saying that Gnome and XFCE works differently as a desktop. I still think you'd better wait for Zorin16 Lite which will be out soon.

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@ frenchpress ... yes ... will do that ... hopefully won't be too long.

when i switched the laptop on this morning, i found a message that i think someone had split this post sequence and to go to "zorin for niche computing" which had little or nothing to do with my original subject line.
i had a look there but it seemed that a group were chatting so i came back here.

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Time to time, we have a posting which is not related to the subject of the thread.
In that case, moderators will move that posting to another thread to keep the original thread tidy (it is called house-keeping).

I am glad to hear your decision :slight_smile:
It should not be that too long. I am also waiting for Lite version to install on some of my old laptops.

house-keeping is good ... i hate mess!!!

when i first read it, i though that maybe it was because the (post) numbers were climbing too high.

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If you have Zorin 15.3 installed use MultiSystem from the post I created in the old forum.

My tutorial video of same: