Zorin For Niche Computing

Zorin for Gamers => Please. I can use if need something for OFFICE => Zorin for home Office. Zorin for Relax => music and video. Many type for good price is good idea. Zorin for experiments with hardware.


Are you asking the Zorin team to start selling machines with Zorin OS on them? If not, then I am confused as to what your question is, sorry.


@Bourne I am also very confused, you can try using a spell checker or just rephrase the whole thing.


It seems he wants specialized versions of Zorin. We have pro and core, lite and education. But he would like a gamer, relax or movie version and possibly others... aimed at specific markets/niches.

As far as i can tell anyway. I've always had a hard time understanding Bourne.


Yes, there is indeed a language barrier and I feel bad about that. I like to communicate with everyone, as long as they are respectful. We had a new member on here who wasn't, and he got dealt with swiftly for his conduct.

But I like to communicate with Bourne despite the language barrier, cause we enjoy talking about computers, which is a fun topic for me if you hadn't already noticed lol.

I'd say the best version for gaming and multi-media, is gonna be CORE. But if you want a speedy OS, go for LITE I guess.

To be perfectly honest, I consider POP OS to be the best in the gaming scene, its very well known among gamers as the best in that area. But that doesn't mean that Zorin OS can't. Like I said, there's CORE.

Or, if you want to support the dev's, which will always be my highest recommendation, PRO. And one of these days, the Zorin team is gonna come out with PRO LITE, and I will be excited to see what thats all about.


There is no need for Gaming Zorin os .

You can every DE , whatever which Linux base , transform in gaming beast.

But ofc, you need at least "good" specifications of your PC, laptop etc.
(RAM; graphic card; CPU etc)


This was my interpretation, as well - which is why I titled the thread as I had. But if I got that wrong, please let me know or please edit the title to properly reflect the O.P.'s intentions.

@Bourne, you come across as though you use English as you know it but not as a fluent speaker. This is a great way to learn another language and is admirable. But a helper like Yandex Translate may be in order. Clear communication helps learn another language faster. And in a reasonably polite society, many of us shirk away from letting you know when we cannot understand what you said for fear of hurting feelings.


Yes but I can writing in another language primary Poland and next Norway.
The problem if you changed country then you start forget some words and grammary.

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Yandex is Russian. Best hackers in the world i heard.
DeepL is ok Lingoes never tried.

Yandex is essentially "Russian Google."

We all know. There's no denying it.

But the stand alone Yandex Translate is better at translations, in my opinion, than many others. Even so, a translation tool may still be helpful.

Ok. I will trying also POP OS but first I need find information about "black screen".


As from what @Storm said in an different topic, zorin will get a gamers edition in the future. If that is your question in the OP


Don't worry you don't hurt me. Important to not take personally something in dialog with people. Children can screaming but adult can talk about the problem and try to fix it. When I was younger I always staying on my side and my words more important and my idea I thought is the best. Traveling around the world change my mind and start learning and understand another people and culture. This open my mind to be more respectfull for people. Experience coming with years. I know the world is changed and some people are changed but to us decision if we want be still the same person or go with the flow of the river.


This, I understood. :wink:

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Shall I start a new thread titled:
"Zen of Computing" :wink:

Ah, but vut vill you do, zen?

Zen is one of the most used/misused Japanese words in French.

I laughed numerous times when I see this word incorporated into commercialism such as product names. Its real meaning is far from any tangible objects.

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https://atareao.es/ someone heard that no my language and this is some tweak ubuntu?

I am not that good with Spanish, but the name reminds me of this weather forecast App I used in past (Weather in XFCE panel got broken time to time). It is a developer of Ubuntu applications.


The stock weather app in zorin 16 is broke as well. If i set my home town i get a black screen. When i use location it is set somewhere in germany. 30 km (if not more) away from my home town

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