Installed Zorin 17 Pro with USB Errors - Help Please

Yesterday I used Zorin 16.3 Pro with Zoom to watch a podcast. Today I installed Zorin 17 Pro but I'm getting errors and it won't recognize my Logitech WebCam via USB. Here's the error pic, can anyone assist with this problem?

Can you please add the following to /etc/modprobe.d/options

sudo touch /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf

options usbcore use_both_schemes=y

ctrl+o to overwrite, then enter to save current configuration, then ctl+x to exit the editor.

Thanks for the reply but I'm not too good with this - is there supposed to be a file in that folder named Options? Can't find one but here's what's in the modprobe.d folder . . .

You will have to add the file, hence why the terminal command "touch" is used, then you add

to that file.

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Thanks both, I neglected the .conf - edited post above.

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I added the file and restarted but there is no change . . . still have error and no cam :frowning:

There is one thing you could try:

sudo apt install libusb-dev then reboot, try the cam again. That package adds more USB support; drivers / firmware.

If you already don't have the package installed, that is.

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Maybe it is the options.conf that is the issue.
Try adding it to sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf

Well I tried adding modprobe.conf w/usbcore use_both_schemes=y and no change. I also tried installing libusb-dev and no change. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Interesting, it now lists my usb but my cam still is not detected by a program.

Wonder which made the cam pop up in lsusb :thinking: that's one good thing though!

You could try sudo chmod 660 /dev/video0 to see if it's permissions issue.

If it is: you can run sudo chown root:video /dev/video0 to fix the group.

Didn't work . . .

If you look in /dev, do you have any 'videoX' directories??

Nope, not there

Not a directory - my bad.. It's not a directory, it's a file :smirk:

Nope, no file either

Do you have Cheese installed? I was reading a few posts elsewhere that after installing Cheese, the webcam libraries are added. But, willing to bet Cheese is already installed..

Do you have another webcam to test with; or just the one?

Yep, Cheese is installed and I also tested in Zoom. If I boot into Windows the cam works fine so I know it's in Zorin.

Ah - dual-boot?

I'm not now with Z17 but - when I had Z16.3 it was with Win11. If I didn't shutdown instead of rebooting into Zorin, I had tons of issues - no sound, weird video, etc. -- do you have Secure Boot enabled or disabled in BIOS? Any USB hub or extension in between the cam and the USB port?

I'm dual booting with windows 10 and Zorin on separate hard drives via BIOS. Secure boot not enabled and no USB hub.