Installed Zorin but full of bugs

You made a lot of Confusion for me, Are you Dual Booting? using Windows and Can you create a boot drive?

Ok I'm on a pc no dual booting. I just typed into terminal curl -i and a Webadress and I get the error 6 could not resolve host.

I don't have the os on a usb anymore. Firefox or brave both can't connect to host.

Internet is definitely here some I'm using it on my phone and it is fairly fast too

Okay, what we need is a usb. Please Arrange and how did you installed Zorin btw?

I have a usb stick but the computer says it can not read it.

Please access another computer and make it Bootable. The Installation is Corrupt.
Please Follow this Guide,

Could try to do a desktop reinstall from terminal, although a fresh install maybe better.

sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-desktop && sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-standard && sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-default-settings

See if reinstalling those packages helps

Also want to add, a quick trick is you can often use your phone as an internet source over usb, using usb tethering to get packages updated / reinstalled for linux. I have to do this for my laptop as the wifi is not supported oob

I tried my hotspot on my phone but for some reason that didn't work either. No webpage was loading correctly.

Ok I will give this a try

When you start the computer, you should have an option for advance start / boot, are you able to select and older kernel version ? maybe there is a driver issue with just that kernel and wifi adapter and rolling back might help

I just tried to install the default OS settings and it says error failed to fetch launchpad...

Ok I can try that I guess. I turn it off and hold f2 during startup? And then I select an older version?

Wow that didn't look normal. It had lots of failed notifications and asked me for my password on the screen like I'm a hacker. It booted up after but still I couldn't even see how to start it in an older version?

Whaaat I can open the zorin forum page on my laptop but all other pages get an error saying; this site can be reached...
The website is temporary down or moved. Does it have something to do with my DNS configuration?

I'm reading this article command line - Ubuntu 20.04 temporary failure in name resolution for wired - Ask Ubuntu

But I'm scared I can cause more damage. Any help would be great

Restart your PC, When the Zorin Logo Appears Force Restart Again by pressing the Power Key of your Device. Now a Menu will appear the Next time you open the Device. Select Advanced Option for Zorin and Boot into an Older Kernel Version.

I tried that but my laptop just turns off when I press the power button. It is a Dell XPS 13 if that makes any difference. I tried with f2 and that didn't work. Any other ideas?

Keep Holding the power key until it turns off (when the Zorin Logo Shows)
May Show up in one or two Restarts sometimes.

F12 worked I'm in the Dell bios pre boot task