Installing a Center Section to the Taskbar

Not sure if this belongs here or not but to me it is customization .....

I noticed that a lot of Taskbars have a center section for apps as in Left ... Center .... Right .... I have those choices in my Cinnamon Taskbar but try as I might I can't make it work for me .... I want to move 5 apps:

XnView MP
Libre writer

To the center of my Taskbar ..... sure would make life easier as I use these 4-5 items constantly .... thanks

Are you using Cinnamon or XFCE?
For Cinnamon, right click the panel and choose Edit Panel
This will put the panel in edit mode.
Right click the items you want to move and choose move.
Click and drag them to the desired location.

When Done: Right click panel and UNcheck the Edit Mode. I forget to do this all the time... then wonder why the launchers won't launch things...

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Hummmm .... when I right drag the icons they go back to their normal place on the left side of the bar .... I am using Cinnamon ....

I have had that happen, too...
The trick to it is: Drag slow and careful.

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OK well that didn't work .... as the whole left taskbar move with it and settled in the center .... so I kept the icons I wanted and deleted the ones to be kept on the left but when I clicked on an app to be placed on the left it went to the center ..... even after restarting Zorin ....

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I am having a hard time visualizing this... Let me log into Cinnamon desktop and try to emulate your setup.

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I think @Frog is trying to put only some particular icons in the left and the rest of them at the centre....Is it possible?

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I just logged into Cinnamon and tried it out... And dragging did not work for me, either.
I tried some net-searching and found this:

I tested this out... I launched dconf-editor, then navigated to /org/cinnamon
Scrolled down to enabled applets
Then at the bottom, under custom value, I clicked in the area in which to type and changed the calendar from "right:1" to "center:2" and hit apply.
The calendar repositioned into the center.
It works.

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drag them to the green box in the middle (edit mode)

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I'm looking at this right now but the size of the texting is so small I can't even see it even though I opened it in 1/2 screen .... anyway to change it .... I don't want to make a mistake as I know dconf Editor can be devastating if you mess up ....

Sorry I don't understand ..... what green box are you referring to ?????

This is full screen ....

Keep dconf open and change One Launcher at a time. That is how I did it. Be fearless.
Just change "right" to "center" and the number is the order from the left to place the launcher. Let's say you have an app menu you want center position, first in the line : center:1
Next you have the File Manager launcher... center:2...
Change one at a time with Apply button on each to check that it worked. IF it did not work, look for the typo.

Well I got something figured out ... mostly .... I discovered that if you choose "panel edit mode + move" and choose the icons on the left it will bring all the icons except those pinned by default .... Menu and Desktop ..... slowly drag them along toward the middle of the taskbar when the little fist comes up stop and the icons will stay there .... if not they will fly back to the left .... I had to increase the size of the icons to 32 in order to see this fist ....

It works good enough .... I wanted to try Aravisian's suggestion above but with the print being so small I couldn't even read the text I was typing and I didn't feel comfortable trying to type such small letters and symbols ....

I have the same problem with XnView MP .... the text is so small in the drop down menus I have to bump by head on the screen to try and read it ..... I have been all over the net trying to find out how to make it larger but all they want to talk about is picture size ..... I know how to do that ..... oh well could be worse I suppose ... :roll_eyes:

Not sure what happened but when I closed out the above post and went back to my desktop the taskbar was completely gone I mean only the 5 Icons in the upper left had corner were there .... I pressed C-A-D and got a shutdown option which only brought me back to the sign in page so I did another C-A-D and did a hard shut down ....

Got to try out my Rescuezilla reinstall of Zorin and held my breath the whole time as had never done that before .... well everything appears o be OK but looks like I will be spending the afternoon reinstalling what I lost since the last save .... but I did find the Rescuezilla does work .... I shall return ....

I would have alt+F2
Would probably have solved that...

Font size can be set:

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Thanks .... I'll add those to my collection .... never had that happen before and I had no access to the internet to ask for help .... anyway got most stuff up and running a bit better than it was before here's a new screenshot ....

I also just learned a way to set my mouse wheel to zoom my screen holding down ALT and scroll the mouse wheel ... that should help also ..... more stuff to sort out and then I'll read your article ....

Interesting here is where mine was set before all this I guess I changed it a while back ..... I seem to almost remember doing that back then .... :innocent: