Installing HPLIP

What distro are we supposed to select? Zorin is not listed in the HPLIP setup. Do we select Ubuntu 18.04?


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Did not work, and now I've lost the ability to print. On a print job Zorin OS returns message "Printer Stopped."

Can you try Aravisian's suggestion and let us know if it works? Upgrading hplip in Zorin OS for Scanner - #2 by Aravisian

error: 'make' command failed with status code 2

Above is output after autoremove of old version, then following yours and HP's instructions above for installation of

Can print now, but Simple Scan cannot see the printer, and gscan2pdf does not open. This all happened after a Zorin base update a few weeks ago. Afterwards I lost scanning ability, then printing.

Can you read through here:

The user states he needed to first remove all the existing installation, then run the command from home terminal.

And while helping another user about the HPLIP stuff, I personally discovered, that terminal was incompetent at installing the GUI portion.

I since learned it was just easier to install everything HPLIP, from Synaptic Package Manager. So once your ready for the installation process, I recomend using that.