Installing to specified drive without modifying others?

To add, if you look at the very first screenshot at the top of this thread, you can see that even if I provide a swap on drive 1, it will try to format swap on drive 0 as well.

I am honestly baffled. I really am. Of course, I am no Guru and there is plenty I do not know about Ubiquity Installer. But given all the information you have provided; I cannot understand why it is acting as it is.

I took a look around the internet hoping to find some answers. I find threads and posts asking about similar issues and the replies all dance around the topic without answering. Some replies say, "You can just install without selecting a swap partition" - Like it's that easy, with no explanation as to how and no further replies in those threads.

There are two separate issues here:

  1. It is not clear or easy how to stop Ubiquity writing to EFI boot on to drive 0. It seems that it does this by default and IMHO this is a terrible idea which, on a multi-OS system, binds one OS to another (x). However, the way to overcome it is with the Something Else option, which I have now figured out.

  2. With the "Something Else" option there is a definite bug in which Ubiquity will erroneously write a swap partition to another drive, at least with my hardware setup. Nor can I simply/easily disconnect or pull out my drives during an install because they M.2's somewhere behind my mother board.

Thank you for your input. It looks as if the only way I could proceed is to blow away my primary Pop OS in order to install Zorin on drive 0. This is a pity, as I wanted to fully test Zorin first as I've spent a lot of time getting Pop OS set up.

x. I've discovered that, although based on Ubuntu, Pop OS uses systemd-boot rather than grub, which seems to play much safer with multi-OS systems.

Does your system have Intel Rapid Storage Technology? If so, you need to boot into windows and disable it.

Hi Harvey,

There is no Windows on this computer. In any case, I settled on Fedora + ArcMenu.

Thank you for all your help. Wish you all the best with Zorin.

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Not a bad choice. :wink:

@Marlin I have in the past used Gparted to prepare swap, / and, /home partitions then use "Something Else" method for dual-boot. But that is Win/Zorin dual-boot. The only problem I have had with Something Else method, was fogetting to set the mount point on one occassion.
I refer to this (old but good) guide to that process, as I am not in the habit of frequent installs.

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