Installing xfce on my Zorin Pro

Well under the guidance of Aravisian I am installing xfce on my Zorin Pro .... and so far so good I do have it installed and using the trick that 337harvey taught me .... going to the log-in screen and choosing xfce from the top right hand side drop down menu .... I was able to get it to load ....

But I uncovered one problem ... while playing around with all the various settings (and there are a lot of them) ... I had to quit as I was going blind ... I can't figure out how to increase the size of the text which should also increase the size of the various boxes the text is in ... I mean they are ultra small ...

Anyway I'll play with it again tomorrow ... me poor ol' eyes are to tired to continue today ... LOL


Lets see, I don't remember Gnome Tweaks working on XFCE, I think the APP is incompatible. Hmm, I wonder if it still uses the same ZOOM shortcuts. Try doing this...


Did that zoom in? If so, it might be too much zoom for now, but at least it will allow you to see where the heck your going, and what the heck your reading. Go into the settings, find it either in Displays, or it will be in FONTS. Your going to look for scaling factor, and your going to raze that by at least 1.2.

Then go ahead and raze them font sizes up if you want. If XFCE has accessibility, which it no doubt does, turn on LARGE TEXT. Once you got things setup, you can press ALT SUPER 8 again to turn zoom off.

Keep in mind, I haven't used XFCE since I was on OS 12.4, and my memories are fading fast on it. Aravisian is our resident XFCE expert. But I was hoping that maybe my advice here today could at least somewhat be helpful?

Remember, I am a Gnome user these days until otherwise. So, if anything I said was even remotely useful, I'd consider that a winner winner, for all our chicken dinner. YES SIR!


Your Tech Support Guru


Go to settings > Appearance.
You can change font and font size in the Fonts tab.

You can also change Screen scaling or DPI on this window.


Before I head back to XFCE I wanted to let you know the only error message I received so far is when I first started up XFCE I got this ...

Failed to launch shortcut "Print"
Failed to execute child "xfce4-screenshooter" (no such file or directory)

sudo apt install --reinstall xfce4-screenshooter

Is that the right command that he can use on XFCE?


Thank you sir ... I'll give that a try when I head back in to the lions den ... which will be right now ... you guys gave me enough ammo for now to continue the good fight .... LOL .... I'll be back .... bye


Your welcome!

Stand up for your LITE, don't give up the fight. Get up, stand up, enter the code...

sudo apt install --reinstall xfce4-screenshooter

Thanks Aravisian for the correction to get it right!


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OK no problem that worked just fine ... thank you


That is so stellar :star2: Glad it worked for you, now show us on the forum, what you can do. So whats next on the installing agenda, perhaps monitoring apps? CPU-X perhaps? Maybe a little HARDINFO-System Profiler perhaps? A little Stacer in your life? A little P-Sensor for checking your temperature? The endless possibilities await you with XFCE at your fingertips!

You got me excited with your XFCE adventure, its like a good page turner, can't take my eyes off it. :grin:

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Whoa there buckaroo .... I'm not so sure I'll keep it ... I'll post more on the XFCE4 thread .... trying to keep things together but as I have been known to babble it ain't easy .... LOL

OOOOPS .... this is now the XFCE4 thread .... hummmm it ain't nice to confuse an ol' man ... ROFL ... no problem I found it .... thanks FrenchPress I put it in the wrong category the first time ....

OK here is where I stand on the XFCE4 install ... I did get the fonts to resize by way of the settings>Appearance .... sorrry the ALT SUPER 8 didn't work for me ...

Everything looked good and I could navigate pretty well BUT .... I went to LibreWriter and at is where the fun began ... all the fonts in the selection bars at the top of the page were fine except the page you are to write in was apt a 3x4in square and the fonts were so small you couldn't see them ...

I played around with it for about 30in and finally got the page much larger but the fonts stayed the same even after increasing the size in the A (size section) pull down section to 90 I usually keep it on size 15 ....

Also having problems with the desktop style ... left side Icons are fine I can navigate them with no problems .... the top task bar is much to confusing and I can't find how to make it move to the bottom like in Zorin ...

I guess what I'm saying is if I am going to have to customize all the programs I load by changing font size etc I'm not so sure this desktop is for me .... I have to keep reminding myself I ain't as young as I used to be and I have forgotten a lot of the terminology is used in dealing with computers .... thus sayeth the man who totally designed and built his own gaming desktop 10 years ago with a final price tag of over $3000 and had everything except liquid cooling in it (still can't get my head around water in an electrical environment) .... I sure couldn't do that today ... which is why I bought this Asus gaming laptop 3 years ago ....

Anyway I don't mind learning something new but it has to me meet halfway .... i don't know maybe I'm just frustrated right now and need to vent ... sorry for that ladies and gentlemen ...

Oh ... I also messed up my partitions using GParted but I still think it can be fixed ... but that is for the partitions thread .... I'll post that there ... LOL

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Sounds like your foyay into the XFCE fray is not going so well. Though to be fair, you have had some successes it sound like. Thank Goodness you have Aravisian on this site, cause he's our resident XFCE expert, and will be able to help you with things.

Thanks for reporting your experience so far. I was honestly hoping it would have been smoother of an experience. I think I even remember Aravisian saying once that XFCE requires more configuration then Cinnamon does.

So lots to do, can't do it all in a day, and thats perfectly ok. Take a break, do some other things. And when you receive a response from Aravisian, he will have some thoughts on the next step I think.

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Thank you sir ... you are right I need a break ... got a 007 movie coming on so I'll eat a bite of lunch and watch that ... get back to this later .... LOL

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OK sorry about the rant up above ... I guess I felt over whelmed as I could not seem to get anything right .... but after a good home cooked meal and the Mrs and I watching one of my favorite movies R.E.D. with Bruce Willis (skipped 007) I feel 100% better ...

Even went back to XFCE4 and did a whole lot better ... learned that to increase the size of a window you have to select enlarge in the icon of top left hand corner of the window ... you can't just drag and drop as I was doing because when you close the window it goes back to it's normal size .... silly little things like that make a big big difference .... to me anyway

So I guess I'll stick with it a while longer .... but the partition thing is a different story as if I screw up there I'm in big trouble .... LOL .... see ya all tomorrow ....

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Hey, can you share your RAM and CPU usage from Xfce on Zorin ? :slight_smile:


Yeah, lets hope its light on LITE. :flashlight:

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It happens to us all...

Not directed at anyone, but a reminder to all:
It is worth remembering, as well, for users who feel frustrated over troubleshooting that those of us moving from one thread to the next trying to assist many people with many issues on many different computers can get a bit overwhelmed from time to time as well.


@Aravisian can you share RAM usage from Xfce on Zorin 16 ? Right after reboot :slight_smile:


Does it worth installing Xfce over Gnome ( Pro version) or should I wait for Lite ?
I guess Xfce can be installed easy, but most Gnome services will be on Xfce also ?