Installing Zorin 16.2 on Dell XPS 15 9520!

Hello there,

I have recently decided to move on from Windows for good.

As I have one of the newest hardware out there, how can I make the process of installing and using the Zorin OS to my SSD as fast and flawless as possible?


Hi Z_123. Once you have downloaded the live image iso, use rufus or unetbootin to burn it to a usb. The default settings should be fine for this.

Run the usb at boot, how will depend on your bios/efi software. When you get to the option to try or install, select try. At the desktop, explore the os, check the nvidia server (if you have an nvidia gpu), work it like you normally use it (though possibly without gaming). You can use a video file and YouTube to test your graphics and network card.

If everything works, you can change resolutions and most of your hardware appears supported, use [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16 as a guide to install. This will make it the most painless (instead of keeping the windows partition, delete it and the windows boot manager partition, creating a 500MB EFI partition for grub). Choose the EFI partition where I explain to use the Windows boot manager partition. That will be the only difference, really.

Once you boot in, you may find that everything isn't working. That is ok. If it did in the live image, it will in the installed version, you may have to perform a few tasks to get there though.

Try updating through the software updater, then, if there are still issues, come back here and we'll get you sorted.

This item is also worth a look for new users: Before you install

I have used Balena Etcher instead of Rufus, is that perfectly ok?

I am not partitioning my SSD as I will be using 2 different SSD inside my computer (1 for Windows 11 and 1 for Linux Zorin Core)

I have already disabled secure boot, is it possible to disable fast boot on Windows 11?

I never had Bitlocker enabled as I never used a MS account to sign in, instead I used a local account.

You will still have at least one partition, more like for the bootloader and another for the system. Zorin may even provide a third (swap partition), though that is usually only for hibernation usually. Any OS installation will partition the drive, whether you do it manually or not.

When installing Zorin, I will be removing the Win11 SSD first, but when putting it back in the computer again, should I put it in the first or second SSD Slot?

Which do you want to boot first? While the position doesn't matter, because you can set the default boot device in the bios, it will default to the first drive seen that has a bootable partition.

I will be putting the Zorin SSD in the first slot (so it will be the drive C) then the Win11 in the second slot.

Actually it will be ssd1 and the other will be ssd2. The windows drive will still be drive c while the Zorin drive will be root (/). Just for clarification.

I want the Zorin drive to be my main default SSD, How can I do that?

It will be in the first slot. You can check this in the bios. Calling it drive c is inaccurate though because Linux doesn't have drives, devices are mounted in /mnt/ or /media/, everything under root (/)... in windows mounted devices (that have storage) are represented as drives.

Simply, zorin will be the first boot device if it's in slot 1. That will be the default unless you change it in the bios.

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