Installing Zorin16 on a surface go

[This is not necessarily a problem with Zorin]

Hello, I just recently got myself a Surface go 2, tablet-hybrids seems to be taking over the world. And as I hate windows I knew I could install linux on it, so I installed Zorin 15 on it and removed the windows 10 S. But a short time afterwards Zorin16 came out and I thought i'd upgrade. (Bought the pro version to support the project B-)

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the surface go won't boot zorin from USB.

Specifically, I've tried setting USB to first boot priority as well as pressed the volume to boot from USB, both leading to the same result. It seems like it tries to interact with it but it doesn't happen and then tries to boot with the main OS instead.

I've tried recently downloading the new version of Zorin16 with the EFI changes. I wonder if it can be a problem with the UEFI or something.

I don't know what the issue is but I imagine there are people much smarter than me that might have some good ideas for how I can upgrade the OS.

Waiting for the direct upgrade is also an option, but I'd like to upgrade to the pro version. I'm planning to test some other linuxes soon to see if the problem persists.

I do not know if this guide will fully help - but worth a shot.

A warning though- monitor Battery life.

Having the tutorial in the thread is probably neat for people coming in with installation issues. Unfortunately for me what I've done and written already covers what the article says. I've used the regular installation method, it didn't work. It seems like the surface device isn't able to boot from the USB. I've tried the newest version of the ISOs which resolves the EFI issue for DELL devices.

I have no idea why it doesn't work so I thought someone here might be able to piece together what is the problem and how to address it.

A warning though- monitor Battery life.

Could you elaborate?

Many users have reported poor battery performance using Ubuntu OS on the Surface Pro and Surface Go.

I see. It's not a huge problem for me right now, but I'd like some batterysaving features. Maybe Zorin16 has that?

Honestly, I saw great performance on battery performance on Zorin OS on my Acer Notebook. Zorin comes with things like TLP. But I cannot vouch for its performance on a Surface Go, as I have never tried it.
Would Zorin OS perform better than Ubuntu - battery wise - on the Surface Go? I know a way to find out...

Edit: This just posted, so linked it here:

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