Internet doesn't work

I installed Zorin. Perfectly fine. I connected to internet. Perfectly fine. I used for about 2 days. Perfectly fine.

Now, I can still connect to the internet. But NO MATTER WHAT, I don't get internet. I'm connected to my phone hotspot, but I can't use anything that requires internet. I can't install anything from the software thing. Can't use Firefox. Can't use any social media

Pls help

Maybe you've reached data cap on your phone account. Are you able to access the web from your phone still? Is there a data limit on your phone's hotspot in general? Something that keeps you from wiping it out and such. Is your phone possibly in a "dead zone"? I go through this at work sometimes and usually is the fact I need to put my phone in a bag and hang it outside the breakroom window for better reception. <- joking

But I do need to move it to a different location for better reception.

Or a tethering cap. If that's the case, then set your Zorin OS packet TTL to 65... the one hop from your computer to your phone consumes one hop, so your phone provider sees 64 hops remaining. Most phones use 64 hops as a default packet TTL (if your phone differs, adjust accordingly).

Most phone providers tally (and block) tethering traffic via the hop count, because other methods are too complex / expensive / etc. to implement. So if your computer and your phone have the same number of hops when those packets hit your phone provider, they should get through.

I have unlimited data on my phone. It still connects perfectly fine. No limits on anything. My issue occurs on my home WiFi too.

Check my reply to Tetshu. It should give some extra info.

Try pinging Then try pinging an IP address.

If you can ping the IP address, but the domain name ping fails, it's a DNS resolution issue.

Can you please post the terminal output of

sudo lshw -C network

Are you using a notebook computer?

Using a Dynabook Satellite Pro.

Idk how to send the output when I can't connect.

Can't ping Google or anything.
Discord doesn't start... It just gets stuck at "Update Failed" which happens when 0 Internet.

I had misunderstood this statement. I thought you meant you were using the phone Hotspot because you could not access the net using your wifi card.

Is the firewall enabled? Try disabling if so

sudo ufw disable

You might also check your advanced network connection > General Tab > ensure that the box is checked for "Connect Automatically" and set the priority at a higher number.


GDay @DanielTheUncoolio ,Welcome to the community!

Can you run the commands we're asking to see, then take a photo & then upload it here?

Apologies for late reply, I just woke up.
I will double check this but iirc, the firewall is off.

This is the output to @Aravisian command. Idek what that stuff means.

Did you check the Firewall?

Do you remember any thing that you changed prior to this happening(Update/new app/deleted something/etc)?
Is there a device that's plugged in that maybe interfering ( tethered phone/4g usb dongle/etc?

Checked firewall.
It said that it was disabled and won't start on start-up.
Day 1: I installed my apps and things
Day 2: used as normal (no changes made)
Day 3: can't use internet

can you shut down both your pc & modem & routers refresh the system, lets see if that helps

Just tried it.
It did nothing and idk why.

does ur internet work when u connect it by ethernet? if u dont have an ethernet cable, try connecting using USB tethering and connect ur mobile to ur pc using a USB cable, if it works u might have to reinstall
the network manager

This may be true. A reinstall works wonders.

Your screenshot shows you properly on the iwlwifi drivers.
Your Firewall is disabled.
There is a power saving setting that may relate to this...

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

and change wifi.powersave = 3 to wifi.powersave = 2

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