Internet Issues With Dell Precision T1600

[Messaging here in case I don't get a response at Hardware Support.]

I'm a new user to Zorin and just installed 16 Pro Lite onto my Dell Precision T1600, with dual boot for Windows 7 still attached. However, my WiFi TP Link AC1300 won't connect, which means my WiFi isn't working, and thus unable to also get Windows App Support which my TP Link needs in order to be installed onto Zorin properly. Keepung in mind that the TP Link worked fine on my Windows 7 (which is still attached via dual boot).

Must I reinstall Lite or are there terminal commands I can use that will make it work?

Update: Having done the lsusb command and a few others on my terminal, I've found that some of the packages were either ignored or obsolete during installation, which made some of them broken. Might need to definitely reinstall again as my WiFi isn't on but comment if there's another way to fix them, etc.

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