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Hi there,

I decided to move away from windows and wanted to give Linux a go. However, installing Linux has caused my internet to stop working. I have tried to fix it but all I am doing is copying and pasting commands I don't really understand and that dont work. I decided to restart everything, reinstall Linux, and give it another go. However, this time I'll get proper help from people from the community. I can access the internet through the phone via cable. I'm not sure what information you need. Your help will be appreciated. :blush:


Additional information is required. Please run these commands and post it here. It requires internet connection:

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -n --filter

Thank you for responding. Hopefully these help.

Ah the infamous realtek card(s). You need to download the driver from their page. The inxi didn't come up which type you have, try

lspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet|wireless|wi-fi'

It will tell you which card driver you should download. When the driver is downloaded you need to in the terminal. It used for building the driver for your card;

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install gcc make build-essential git linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Please post the first output of the first command.

RealTek ?

Open the Softwarecenter (Zorin menu - Software -) click right top corner the hamburger-menu and click software & updates.
In the new prompted screen you go to the TAB "extra drivers" and leave that untouched open for about 30 seconds ...... It will display if there is an extra driver found for your hardware.
If so ..... click install (and reboot first for testing if WiFi works fine now)
After this -->select the Wifi SSID and prompt the password of the selected Wifi.
Things should run fine now ...... run updates as a first step of everything.

Hopefully it would be that easy. :slight_smile: Else @Winnie26 needs to do the hard way.

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Well I am known for dangerous optimism ..... lol

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is this the right command?

Your card seems to be unknown for the system. Do you have any data/specs what your wireless card is called? Realtek XXXXXX.XX

Is this what you mean?

yup ! top right corner the hamburger click

In windows it said RTL8852BE.

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But I doubt my trick will work ----- your card is UNKNOWN for the system.

Can you specify the BRAND and TYPE of laptop we are talking about (built year maybe) ?
This is the website that I bought it from. It is a HP pavilion.

do i still write this?

There's an answer from here you might want to try: wifi Adapter not found realtek RTL8852BE WiFi 6 802.11ax PCIe in ubuntu 22.04 - Ask Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:kelebek333/kablosuz 
sudo apt install git bc
git clone
cd rtl8852be
sudo make install

Note, every time the kernel gets updated you have to install the driver again. I know, annoying...

yes. It's need to compiling.

How do I update it?

By running this I posted: Internet not working - New User - #16 by Storm

Oh so I repeat the process?