Is it possible to block USB/Thumbdrive access on Zorin?

Hello, This is Derek. You may recognise me from the post I made a few months ago regaurding our buisness wanting to make the switch to linux. and buy Zorin OS Ultimate If you haven't read the post read it here

As currently we are waiting for the full release of Zorin OS 16 Ultimate to start this plan.

We were wondering if it is possible to block USB/Thumbdrive port acess for users. because we need to evaluate if a USB has somesort of Vulnurability/Virus or the Employee may want to use it to transfer personal (work) documents onto it.

Is it possible to block the ports from being used by other Employees, but it should work for certain users. if this is possible is it possible to set a time frame it should work? - also to see logs if I user attempts to plug in one

Thanks Again for your Support Zorin Team,


To block USB port access to regular users:

sudo chmod 700 /media

This would require some Software to be installed (I do not know of one, though I am sure plenty exist) to perform such a function. That being said...
The above command will disable USB and CD/DVD port access to regular users and Admin (Root) will be able to access at any time.

An employee may attempt to use a CD/DVD or USB drive for innocent reasons.

Yes, but it’s better to be safe than sorry,

How would we remove this restriction if a user requests?

You can set permissions on a per-user basis:

@Derek Did you get any joy from @AZorin re Zorin Grid, which I think would be useful to you. I am not sure how that particular development aimed at business users is progressing though.

Ah, yes he talked to me a bit. what I'm more interested in is the simple LDAP system set-up. It would allow us to install programs on all systems speedily and allow our employees to be able to work without interruption

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