Is it possible to boot into Windows by default?

Hi, a few days ago I installed Zorin OS alongside Windows 11 on my laptop, and Zorin had set itself as the default operating system to boot into, so now I have to manually select Windows every time I want to boot into it. However I still find myself using Windows most of the time. Is there a way to set Windows as the default boot option, so that the computer will launch into Windows without requiring manual selection on boot? Thanks a lot.

Maybe something here will help you. I have not changed (dual)boot order myself.

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I dual boot with Win 10 but always boot into Zorin first ..... my daily driver ..... but when I need to boot say into using Rescuezilla ..... to back up my HD ..... I must boot into it first upon starting my laptop ....

To do this I need to first change my boot order in my BIOS .... I suspect that you can do the same thing with making Win 11 the primary loading system ..... you will still get the choice to open Win 11 or Zorin but Win 11 should be #1 in the boot order which means it will open if you hit enter or just let the timer time out .....

You shouldn't have to do this each time you run your machine once you change the boot order ....

Anyway this is the way I do it ..... maybe someone else has a different idea ....

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You can change the default boot option in Grub first when your pc boots find the entry number for Windows here its the 4th item -

open terminal,
sudo nano /etc/default/grub file
change to
sudo update-grub

Windows will be the default now on boot.


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