Is it possible to login automatically to keyring?

I'd like to get rid of the pop-up that comes up every time I boot up my computer.

Settings > Users > Unlock… > enter your password > Automatic Access.

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As I understand it, Automatic Login is different from logging into the keyring.

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Mmh, yeah, alright, I just realized that there's the keyring stuff in the middle here, I got confused by the post title (immediate access to keyring) and the post itself (no pop-up after each boot), perhaps I never had such problem with it, I'm asked my user password, I enter it and it's done. I checked Seahorse and settings customization is simple, then I have SSH Key Agent and im-launch enabled by default and since I use Zorin OS I had no difficulties about password requests at all.

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That's not it.

This worked! The right click menu has some graphical glitch in Zorin Core 16.3 though.

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True, I noticed it now, first option misses completely while from second to fifth they are invisible unless hovered with cursor, nice. Not a new issue for me though, I see one like this whenever I select 2 or more desktop items.

I am not seeing this glitch - but I am using an Aravisian theme, not a Zorin theme.

Might need to make a new thread in Feedback about the Context menu glitch.

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Hey, where's the link preview :tired_face:?

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Link doesn't work. Maybe your post didn't go through?

Well, I have no problem when I click it, it opens normally :person_shrugging:.

I tested link and it works for me, as well.

Ok. I get "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

My idea is that, as I reported it because at the beginning I thought to delete it, it's currently visible only to me, who's participating and moderators until you restore it as normal post.

Oh, I see why. It is in the Lounge Forum, which is restricted to Level 3 and up members.
Luca, You may need to copy and paste the post you wish to be read over to here. :stuck_out_tongue:

WHAAAAT? It's on Lounge? How is it possible? I remember I chose Feedback, let me check something…. Alright, I can't figure out what I did, after changing into Feedback all edits I made to it on my own Replies history have Feedback entry so I can't verify if I made a mistake, but looks so. Can you check the full posts history to see how it started? All I see is a switch from Lounge to Feedback.

If it's the only change it means that I made a mistake otherwise if there are other changes that I can't see you can prove that at the beginning I really chose Feedback.

Funny you say that... When you created it in Lounge, I had moved it to feedback. A moment later, you moved it back to Lounge so I was like "Well, alright then..."

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Right some minutes ago I changed its category to Feedback, maybe our 2 changes contemporarily made a mess :scream::rofl:. By the way let's not stick on this, I checked and now it's all fine.
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Right now I'm trying out the Lite version of Zorin OS as well so I need help to figure out how to do the same thing in XFCE.

The steps are the same. IF having trouble locating the Passwords & Keys app, open the app menu and type


and it should pull up.