Missing options for context menu

When selecting 2 or more files on the desktop and opening the context menu both Compress (number of files selected) files and New folder with (number of files selected) items options are invisible, moreover 3 of them in English instead of Italian (at least for me, maybe you see them correctly). @SignorCastello, did you notice it?

SIDE NOTE: taking screenshots while a context menu is opened doesn't work, is this intentional? I had to take a delayed screenshot by Screenshot GUI.

Timed Screenshot is the only way I know of, as well.


Not wishing to hijack this thread (much). Quick Question: Does the capture current window option work for you? Since installing Z16.3, all I get is a checkerboard instead of the window screenshot. Full screen and selected area options work OK.

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I tried it and I see nothing bad.

But I'm still on the 16.2, it's a bit that I don't do some updates, yet I don't think I'll upgrade soon after reading what some users got after doing it.

That looks good to me. No matter, I can live with the defect. I did try Flameshot as alternative, but gained no advantage so immediately uninstalled it.

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Workaround: highlight the window you want to screenshot :sunglasses:.

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Exactly! That is my workaround.
PS: I could not find Screensaver in Software Store. I was thinking to re-install it. Maybe I will look on Synaptic. I assume it is named Gnome Screensaver or just Screensaver.

PS: I could not find Screenshot in Software Store. I was thinking to re-install it. Maybe I will look on Synaptic. I assume it is named Gnome Screenshot or just Screenshot.

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Do you mean screenshot?


You got me. I have edited my post above. (How do I strikeout text on here?)

You can use a double tilde at the beginning and the end of the portion to strikeout:

~~struckout text~~

struckout text

You mean that you uninstalled it? Because Screenshot is installed by default on Core.

Took me a few mins to find the tilde key. Not one I use much :slight_smile: It did the job.
(Another one for my notebook)

Yes it was installed with Core, but malfunctions. From Synaptic I did a re-installation to see if that would help.

I am also suffering other malfunctions arising from screenshot images. When I open a screenshot .png in Pinta and try to paint on it, Pinta crashes/disapears.

I have installed Flameshot (again) as that behaves and I can edit captured Flameshot images with Pinta without drama.

As I will no use it, can Gnome screenshot be uninstalled without messing up Zorin 16.3 Core?

I had similar issues when editing my screenshots on ImageMagick, I felt like ImageMagick was unable to resize the screenshot to fit its own window and so it was disappearing as soon as I clicked it or started an edit (I saw the whole cropped area disappear for example), making clear edits impossible. I'd exclude that the pictures editor can't handle a specific file format, it would be embarrassing considering that's a software that's supposed to do that thing, like a file manager that can't stand opening folders.

I suppose so, I don't think Screenshot is particularly necessary to the correct functioning of the OS. But since I use a Linux system I'm not sure about many things, including uninstallations safety, considering dependencies matter and all the stuff that comes out of it.

Which version of Pinta are you using?
I recommend this install:

I use my system in English...

@Aravisian do you have a view on this question re impact on Zorin Core?
I am thinking of removing screenshot as flameshot works better.

Yeah, now I remember :grin:, but then you mean that you see that specific context menu in that specific situation correctly? If so, this means that Italian translations for that context menu are broken or incomplete.

I would need to fire up a copy of Core to test it.

But you can do this already: In terminal run

sudo apt remove gnome-screenshot

Do not hit the y key or anything, just review if it says "The following packages are no longer needed and the "following packages will be removed. If in any doubt, paste the results in thread for additional review.

I admit, I very much doubt that it is an issue and is likely safe. But you can see why I prefer the verbose terminal for package removal. It really makes things much easier and safer, too.

Result is:

The following packages will be REMOVED
0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 1 to remove and 2 not to upgrade.
After this operation, 315 kB disk space will be freed.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

I guess from that, it's fairly safe to remove?
However, as only 315kB is being used, I may just leave it there and just not use it, unless it somehow conflicts with Flameshot. Flameshot interaction with Pinta and Gimp seems good so far.

@SignorCastello @Luca_Pavan My apologies for gatecrashing your thread.