Is 'LUTRIS' worth it

...i love my warhammer(Ultimate Apocalypse);if it helps then can i get a link to a tutorial on installing it and install my game via 'Lutris'

I use only Steam with Proton enabled and it works well for me.
However, I also know that I am strictly novice where gaming on Linux is concerned; I have often wondered if I would see better performance if I used Lutris or something else...
Tagging the experts:


I couldn't find it in the Proton Database, so there's chance it wont work. I myself prefer Steam with Proton engine to play Window games.

You can check:


redit seem show it reliable with tweeks for slow games

check this outLUTRIS's about page

You can use bottles to install and play games with sanboxing
it has has a dependency manager to install all dependency and it is straight forward without any clutter

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Because it's a mod for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm. On steamdb that one has gold status. I don't see any issue why this game would not run in Lutris.

@Slo-Motion, did you check my tutorial here

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Ah, that explains it.

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