Is there a way to change the Zorin 16 pro start menu icon?

Hey everyone, I would like to change the start Zorin 16 pro Icone is it possible ?

You may try
/usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ < replace this symbolic image with one of your choosing.

sudo -i


to elevate permissions.


I will try ! Thank you

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good thank you

I have to put other image with same name true? I mean i can choose any picture file and have to rename to zorin-icon-symbolic.svg?

Same name and same path; you must place the file in the same directory that the current file is in. the system follows the path, then looks for the file name in that directory.

Perfect Aravisian, i will try later because i cant found a 16x16 linux legacy icon like this:

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You have now:

I set in .png or in .svg format at 16x16


LOL thx so much!

Can u prepare me this file?

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In what way? Same as I did with tux above? Is it supposed to look like it does in your post above? It has transparency that is showing a dark background through.
(I use Dark Mode on the Zorin Forum).

Edit: i just assumed a few things and created:


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